How to Change Symbian^3 Font to Nokia Pure Font?

Update : Qt 4.7.2 has solved the font break in Qt apps. Now you can use whatever font you want . Get Qt 4.7.2 here : Qt 4.7.2 , Qt webkit , Qt mobility 1.1

Lets get on with the tutorial then:

Here’s what you should do:

1. Make sure you have a memory card in your Symbian^3 device , you cannot change fonts using the Mass memory.
2. Then get any True type font with .ttf as extension (if you want Nokia Pure, click here ) .
3. Now navigate to the Resource folder in memory card’s Root (for example if F: is memory card , navigate to F:/Resource , if its not there, create one)
4. Now create a Folder called Fonts in F:/Resource (So the folder path should be F:/Resource/Fonts)
5. Now this is the most important step :
Make four copies of the font you have and rename the same font to the corresponding filenames. (for example: if you have helvetica(01).ttf rename it to nosnr60.ttf , like wise rename others to respective filenames given below)
6. After you have renamed to the above filenames, Copy them to the Fonts folder In F:/Resource/Fonts.

Now reboot the phone and enjoy your new fonts 

I have used the Helvetica Neue font and it looks like this:
Helvetica Neue Font
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