Force Control Widget Symbian^3 – Full Version Home Screen Widget Download

Here is excellent widget to homescreen which can toggle following setting via single tap on the homescreen that comes with five different themes as well with transparent background.

* Light control (25%, 50% and 100%)
* Acceleration sensor ON/OFF
* Bluetooth ON/OFF’
* WLAN scanning ON/OFF
* Profile switch (Silent, Pager and General)

Force Control Widget makes your phone much easier to use the most common settings are just one click away! Force Control widget gives a quick access to the device’s key features directly from the home screen. Adjustable settings: Display brightness, Screen rotation, Bluetooth, WLAN scanning, Profile. Force Control must be left to run in the background, otherwise it does not work. This is a limitation in S60 home screen architecture. FC doesn’t waste resources and its memory footprint is tiny.

Changelog v1.2.2

  • Rotation control can lock to landscape now.
  • Modes are automatic Landscape-portrait.