Official Firmware Update PR 2.0 Presentation Video – Symbian^3 – PR 3.0 – Expected in Fall / Autumn

In this video you’ll see a presentation about the upcoming firmware PR2.0 for Symbian^3. Much of it we’ve seen before, previewed either by Alex68 or other folks downloading the firmware through navifirm.
  • PR2.0 Demoed on the Nokia E7
  • The slide below concerns me because it shows the utter delusion to brand PR2.0/S^3 UI a visual excitement. It’s not totally horrendous as certain other blogs may thing, but nor is it as good as it needs to be. This is coming in PR3.0 perhaps. But to call the current UI visual excitement….well it’s rather premature. Improved usability, yes, I can agree to that, what with the 50+ much needed (should have been there from get go) improvements.
  • Pinch zoom is still not smooth. Check out the choppiness and the chequered tiling. WTF. Why is that still there?
  • Demo of the tabbed browsing interface we previewed in Feb. Seems to have improved over what Alex68 had demoed in terms of windows sliding speed. Still needs to be MUCH faster. It would also have been better a a grid I think.
  • According to es.nokiamovilblog (translated) it says PR2.0 is coming imminently. Hmm. Having heard that story for PR1.0 (through rumours I must point out, not from Nokia) I’m less inclined to believe. It should be here by April based on current rumours. We are aware that unfortunately not everyone has even got PR1.1 yet. This may be an issue with your network provider and their modified firmwares (many other reasons too.
  • PR3.0 (or the UI overhaul expected this fall/autumn) is shown in the very first title slide

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