eReader Pro 4.0.2 – Symbian^3 – Free eReader App Download

eReader Pro is a full-featured e-book reader for mobile phones.


  • Change font sizes, line spacing, justification and margins; there’s also an auto-scrolling option
  • Choose a background texture for book pages
  • Bookmark pages, make annotations, highlight text and search a book for a text string
  • Turn pages by swiping left and right or tapping the top and bottom of the page
  • Sort books in All eBooks list by title, author and download date
  • Check manually for software update
  • Cover art in the on-device bookshelf and on-line library
  • View online eReader and/or Fictionwise bookshelves on the device
  • Supports books in the pdb format (You can use the software Calibre to convert files in other format into pdb file format)
  • Copy your e-book files to: /Data/Others/ folder on the drive (C, E or F) that you installed eReader into
*NOTE: When you first run eReader and open any book, all the text appears as little boxes rather than normal characters. To fix the font issue, change the font as follows:

1) Open any book and double tap the screen to exit full screen mode.
2) Press the on-screen “Options” button and select “Options > Text Settings > Font”.
3) Change the font to Nokia Sans S60 or Nokia Sans TitleSmBdS60.
4) Press the “OK” button, then “Options”, then “OK” again to save the change.

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