EB Media Gallery Alpha v1.00 Symbian^3 Qt-Signed – Cool UI Multimedia Gallery – Free App Download

This is a media gallery alpha application with cool UI writen by Qt quick and Qt C++. It has been tested to work with the Qt SDK 1.1 beta on Symbian^3 device Nokia N8.


Photo River page (Photo river – pictures are shown in stream just like rushing river):


– Pictures are shown on the screen in rotation with different size and brightness.
– Every picture moves from left to right with different speed automatically
– Picture can be moved new position by dragging it to wherever you want
– It will display with lower brightness when the picture is selected by tapping on it.
– Moving velocity can be adjusted using the speed control bar on the top-right of the screen.

* Speed up : move the button to right
* Speed down : move the button to left
* View one of the pictures in large scale
* Long press on the selected picture. The picture will be magnified and stop moving.
* Long press again on the magnified picture will re-magnify it.
* Drag the magnified pictured to view different parts of it.
* Tap the magnified picture can minify it to normal size and resume the animation from new position

Music or Movie page (movie wall – movies index just like posters on a wall):

The menus of classifications of the music/movie are on the left panel
– The content of highlighted classification is listed on the right panel
– Drag and roll the menus, all the menus can be viewed
– Click the menu that you want, the menu rolls to the center and highlighted. The content listed on the right
– Click the content that you want, and the played page is displayed

Future Developments:
This application is being constantly updated to add new cool features. So stay tuned!

IMPORTANT Note about Alpha version: This version has been developed only for testing purposes.

– Since this version is still being tested only local images scan in c:\data\images on Symbian^3 device is supported.
– Local audio / video scan is not supported. Only one built-in video can be played.

All multimedia file support would be available in future releases.

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