Nokia Internet Radio v3.01 Symbian^3 Symbian OS 9.5 Signed (Optimised Multitasking) – Free Download

Nokia Internet radio brings you radio stations worldwide, easily accessible over GPRS, WLAN or 3G. Using the Station Directory you can search for stations by name, genre, language or location. If you’re looking for radio inspiration you can browse our ‘Top Stations’ to find out what everybody else is listening to. Variable download rates offer a quality listening experience whether you’re using WIFI or data transfer, with or without a data plan.

Listen to FM radio on the move with easy access to your favourite stations. You can view available stations, save frequencies and use the Alternative Frequencies function to skip to a stronger signal as you move around. Your headset acts as an FM aerial so you need to plug it in but you can turn on the loudspeaker if you want to listen with friends.

– Multitasking optimised for Symbian^3

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