Nokia DAB Radio Headset Demo and Application Usage – For UK Only

Remember about a couple of weeks back, we had a DAB Radio update? This was limited to users where DAB was being transmitted, plus you needed the accessory (which plugs in via microUSB) to get it working. We’ve got a couple of DAB radio’s at our flat. Very crisp, clear sound compared to standard FM radio, PLUS you get so many more stations. There’s an all or nothing in terms of quality. You either get the station or you don’t, unlike FM where you’ll suffer the hiss.

Below, nokiauk have a demo of both accessory and app in action:

“Enjoy high-quality DAB radio on the go with the new DAB Radio Headset exclusive to Nokia. The multi-functional device allow users to easily switch between over 70 digital radio stations nationwide, control their music and manage their calls with this all-in-one headset. Available free for a limited time only from the online Nokia Shop.