Audio Cube v1.3.98 Symbian^3 – Cut or Convert your Audio Files on Nokia N8 – Free App Download

AudioCube is a powerful audio process tool for Symbian^3 Smartphones. It has two main features, one is u can cut ur songs, and the other is conversion. It supports many audio file formats, such as wav, aac, amr, mp3, wma, aiff etc.

* Audio & music file explorer
* Play audio & music
* Quick extract Audio & music from exist file
* Conversion between different format
* Support wav, aac, mp3, amr, wma etc
* Support customize conversion(bitrate, samplerate, output formats and record time)

Click below to download
[]HugeMatrix AudioCube v1.3.98 S^3 SymbianOS9.5.rar