ThinkChange Batch Uninstaller v2.00 Symbian^3 – N8, C7, C6-01, C7 – Free App Download

Installed too many apps on your phone? BatchUninstall makes it easier to remove them! V2.0 supports to sort your installed apps in alphabetical mode. Just select the apps you want to uninstall, then click “Delete Selected” in the menu. All the apps you selected will be removed from your phone automatically 😉

Nokia 5230, 5530, 5800, N97, N97 mini, X6, 5320, 5630, 5730, 6210, 6220, 6650, 6710, 6720, 6730, E52, E55, E72, E75, N78, N79, N85, N86, N96,6760, 6790, E71x, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6124, 6290, E51, E66, N76, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95, N95 8GB, E63, E71, 5233, 5235, C6, C5, N73, N8, 5228, C7, 5250

NOTE: This Version only suppports SIS(x), JAR and Widget are not supported.

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