Super Sexy Nokia C8 Symbian^3 Smart Phone – Concept

Presenting a very, very eye catching addition to the concept phones segment, here’s  Nokia C8 – Concept Phone.
Check out this beauty! This was found on DailyMobile and it was designed by their forum Member Madgy. It’s called the Nokia C8 and you can see Madgy’s high res gallery at
It’s a C7 inspired design (already hailed for being quite a looker) from the front but with some very exquisite twists. The front face is all black and all flat. No disrupting lines or shapes anywhere.
It has a 3.5″ screen and an unusual resolution of 720×405. That’s still 16:9, it’s just an increase of x 1.125 pixels in either direction.
Below the screen is a mini capacitive OLED display, 330×50 pixels. This could alternatively display infomation like number of new messages/emails/tweets/facebook updates etc.

The back features a similar all black with border design. It has a 12mp autofocus camera with LED flash. The side is quite interesting as it features a battery indicator and what appears to be a capacitive capera button.
I’ve been very interested in the development of a whole touch capable surrounding edge to a phone. The buttons could easily be programmable to what ever function. Zooming/volume movement would be smoother, additional shortcut buttons like media/video-stills switch/led could be implemented. Though I’m not quite sure how a two step autofocus button would work. Perhaps press it could be somewhat pressure sensitive too? On the N900 there’s an app that can detect pressure on the screen whereby light press shows a thin line and hard press shows a thick line. via DailyMobile via