Leaked: Multi-Tasking User Interface of Symbian^3 Resemble Maemo

At first glance you might be looking at a pretty picture of these beatiful looking Nokia E7 with Qt quick demo apps, but after closer inspection the silver E7 in the left might be sporting a new UI for multitasking, now remember the E7 runs Symbian 3 and multitasking is definitely not like it is pictured on the photo above. In fact the UI resembles the one found on the Nokia N900 running Maemo.

So could the supposed UI refresh in the software updates that are coming to Symbian 3 devices holding up the Nokia E7 since it was supposed to be released last December ?
If Nokia are true to their word and a UI refresh is coming ( I am not holding my breath) I expect it to come in small bits rather than in a whole chunk.
only time will tell.