Ovi Daily App Widget v1.0.0 Symbian^3 – Very Useful For Regular Ovi Store Visitors

The Ovi Daily App features reviews of the best mobile apps and content in Ovi Store for use on your Nokia device. Get honest, expert advice that you can trust. We’ll try it before you buy it.

As you will have seen, the app works equally well in either portrait or landscape mode, and it is set up to be really easy to use. Each post has its own entry associated with the calendar dates, and to scroll back and forth between reviews, simply click on one of the bright green arrow buttons to the left or right (or up/down in landscape mode). Each review displays a quick summary about the app, along with the link to get the app in Ovi Store, and the link to read the full review in your mobile browser. Click on the star to the left of any of the headlines, and you can save a review to a personal list of favorites for re-reading at a later time.

There is also a handy, full calendar view by month, so you can check entries by a specific date. As you can see, the widget also has a search function built-in for quick keyword searches of the blog, and there is a simple help section located within the “Info” portion of the app.

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