Nokia DAB Radio v2.5.19 Symbian^3 Signed – Free App Download

Nokia DAB radio application that offers stunning radio experience featuring headset control and full frequency table scanning. With the DAB Live Radio, you can enjoy the DAB service in anywhere and anytime.

What is DAB radio? Digital Audio Broadcast will eventually replace the existing analogue radio service. Digital Radio brings more choice, improved sound quality, no re-tuning and extra information on broadcasts such as track names and sports results.
It’s basically digital radio, like digital TV. Higher quality, more stations, and either all or nothing quality (you either get the station or you don’t – no intermediate hissing).
When the DAB Live Radio broadcasts, you can do the following actions:
To switch between next/previous channels: flick left/right on the screen; or tap previous/next channel icon on the screen.
To show available radio list, flick up/down or tap Radio Station list icon on the screen.
* When a channel is loading, a message will display to notify the channel signal quality.
* The DAB Live Radio supports a JPEG slide show which displays a changed picture when you are listening to the radio.
Important Note:
1. It requires Nokia Digital Radio DAB Headset!
2. Your country/region needs to support DAB transmission.
Click below to download