Tap2It v1.00 – Ultra Fast Search Widget for Symbian^3 – Nokia N8, E7, C6-01 and C7

This free app, for Nokia’s new Symbian devices like the Nokia N8, is something like a cheetah crossed with a magician. Allow me to explain. If you need to conduct web-based searches from your Nokia smartphone, Tap2It starts hunting the moment you start typing – literally. Every new letter you add to the search string will refine the results that are displayed, and in moments, you will have the information you need. Prepare to be amazed!
This app can’t wait! It demands your immediate attention. And, by the way, the app is in a hurry to help you, so let’s go. You see, today we want to point out the super-convenient, and ultra-speedy Tap2It by U.S.-based Flash Widgets.
It is remarkably good, and so easy to use. And, did I mention it’s fast? It is wicked fast.

The app pulls results from Google search, which makes sense, and the app uses a patent-pending predictive search function to deliver the results that you see on screen.
Again, as soon as you starting typing – and the app really only works in portrait mode, but as you can see, an onscreen Qwerty-style keyboard is displayed for character input – the results start to pop up on screen. Seriously, instant results.
Type: Widget
Devices: Symbian^3 Only

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[N8FanClub.com] Tap2It_131012.rar