Shortcuts / Tips and Tricks for Nokia N8 – Symbian^3

These shortcuts and tricks will work on other Symbian^3 phones like C7, C6-01, E7 too.
Keypad shortcuts (Select “Call” from homescreen)
– Bluetooth ON/OFF: longpress on ‘*’-key
– Call log: press call key
– Contacts: press on contacts icon
-Open browser: longpress on ’0?-key
– Silent profile: longpress on ‘#’-key
Keypad codes (Select “Call” from homescreen and type…)
– *#7370# does hard reset
– *#7780# does soft reset
– *#06# shows your IMEI
– *#0000# shows info about phone software
– *#92702689# (*#war anty#) shows lifetimer

Clock and Profile -widget
– Active and edit profile: press on profile name on the widget
– Calendar: press on date on the widget
– Clock: press on clock on widget
Notifications popup (press on battery icon)
– Clock: press on time on the popup
– Connectivity settings: press on connectivity icon on the popup
– Powersave mode ON/OFF: press on battery icon on the popup
– USB mode: press on USB icon on the popup (when connected) to switch USB mode without unplugging
– WLAN-manager: press on WLAN connection on the popup (when connected)
 – Alarm Enable/Disable: Set alarm to repeat, then you can disable and enable it
– Animated Themes: Nokia default themes (not Midnight pack) have animated backgrounds, just active it from theme settings- Disconnect all networks: longpress with red call key
– Edit Homescreen: longpress on anywhere on the homscreen changes to edit mode
– Faster Homescreen: turn of theme effects from Themes settings to make switching between homescreens instant
– Favorites Widget: you can scroll the favorites widget horizontally and add more than four contacts, unlike in N97 homescreen
– Forced Reboot: press power key for eight seconds simulating “battery removal”
– “Full” Reset: hold “Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key” and press power button until your phone shake (Warning! Will remove some apps permanently like Ovi Store and Qt!)
– Predictive QWERTY: predictive text and word auto-completion are also supported on QWERTY, not only in keypad
– Screen Saver Notification: Use ‘Music Player’ screen saver to show new sms and missed calls icon on screen. Time, Date, Profile and Music being played will also be shown if enabled.
– Silence Calls/Snooze Alarms: turn around your phone upside down to silence calls or snooze alarms (set it on from Settings > Sensor settings)
– Special Characters: longpress on ’1*’-character on QWERTY keyboard to input special characters like õ, ü, etc.
– Two way Charge: Both USB and regular thin-pin adapters can be used for charging
– Two way Keylock: open keylock by sliding keylock button on side OR by pressing menu key and then press on the screen where it says “Unlock”
– Two way TV-OUT: use HDMI cable to get digital TV Out (only N8/E7) with HD resolution or use 3.5mm cable for composite TV out
– Voice Command: hold Call button in homescreen (setup voice command first)- USB OTG: you can directly connect almost any USB device to the phone (including USB mouse, -keyboard, -pendrive and -external HDD)
– Widget settings: in homescreen edit mode, press on widget (Notifications, Mail, Search and Shortcuts)
– Widgets Online/Offline: select Options > “Widget to Offline mode” from homescreen
 – Calendar: browse through days by swiping through screen from left to right or vice versa to browse back
– Camera: use Pinch zoom to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios (9Mpix vs 12Mpix on N8)
– Camera: double press on screen to zoom (like with browser)
– Camera: you can also zoom by using volume keys
– File Manager: connect to a network drive by choosing the setting from options menu (instead of Settings)
– File Manager: jump down on folder tree by pressing on one of the folder icons on top of the screen
– File Manager: open search bar by lightly pressing on camera key
– Gallery: Three ways to zoom pictures; by making a double press, a pinch zoom or by using volume keys
– Mail: Collapse and expand all days by doing longpress on a day
– Menu (App. Grid): instead of leaving it to background, choose Options > Exit
– Profiles: set profile (except general and offline) to change based on time of the day from profile settings
– Ovi Maps: share current (or favorite) location via MMS or E-Mail to any other Nokia device with Maps
– Task Manager: open Task Manager by doing longpress on (physical) menukey on the phone
– Task Manager: longpress on any of the apps to bring out option to close invidual or all running apps
– Lost Application (general): in case you accidently delete some of Nokia applications, like Communities or Midnight theme pack, use Software Update re-install it