Stunning HD Videos Recorded With Nokia N8 by Topolino Using Tripod and Magnifying Lens

Topolino70 has produced some of the most stunning Nokia N8 videos we’ve seen thus far including:

Among these include some really close up shots. But the N8 has an Active Hyper-Focal lens – i.e. no autofocus but everything beyond the macro region is in focus.
In the video below, Topolino70 shares how he attaches his N8 to a tripod as well as how to achieve similar close up shots with very easy, low tech “Rubber Band/Elastic Band” solutions. We say secret, he’s never really kept it secret that he’s just been attaching magnifying lenses or vivitar macro lens :p.
Great Job on sharing the beauty of Finland.

BTW in terms of connection to tripod, there are retail solutions out there. I’m also looking for one although my DT-22 from N93 days is still quite ok for the job. (Though a tad lop sided since it has to bend to get landscape properly). Gorilla Pod an obvious must-have.