Nokia Own Voice v 2.01(2) Symbian^3 – Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01

Nokia Own Voice is one of the ultimate apps in a very long time from Nokia. Imagine your own voice giving you directions when using Nokia Ovi Maps, isn’t that amazing. I am talking about people who love themselves. This application is a major breakthrough in the GPS navigation industry because we have not seen such an application before. Earlier, the only option that you had was to choose between a very few languages and monotonic voice sounds. Now, all of that is going to change and you can choose between the voice packs for Ovi Maps just the way you select a ringtone for your phone from a huge number of options.
Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps - Exclusive video walkthrough
Nokia Own Voice is a very small application sizing about 470KB only. All it does is that it lets you record your voice in a very easy and convenient way for all the keywords or sentences that are required to be announced while navigating your way on Ovi Maps. There are 54 such keywords/sentences that are needed to be recorded in your voice in order to create a voice pack for Ovi Maps. The application interface is very clean and usable. The application displays the keywords/sentences in a sequence with a record/play button. You need to click on the record/stop button and record your voice and then click back on the rec/stop button as soon as you finish. You need to repeat this process until all the 54 words are recorded.
Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps - Exclusive video walkthrough

Once you have completed your voice pack, it gets uploaded to the Nokia server and appears in the My voices tab of the application. You can specify a name for the voice pack, your name and if you wish to share it with rest of the Ovi users. If you choose to share it with everyone then your newly created voice pack will display in the public list and anyone can use it. However, if you have chosen not to share then it will only display for you in the My Voices tab and you can download it and set it as a voice pack for Ovi Maps. This is a really nice facility provided in the application which will allow you to choose from a thousand voice packs as time goes by and various users create their voice packs and share it on Nokia Own Voice. We already see a large number of voice packs uploaded. Another good feature of the application includes the intergration with Facebook and Twitter. You can share your voice pack on facebook and twitter.
Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps - Exclusive video walkthrough
One of the shortcomings of the application design is that your voice pack gets uploaded to the Nokia server which is inevitable. I do not see an option where you can save the voice pack locally and use it with the Ovi Maps. A provision to save it locally would save a lot of internet data usage.

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