BH-905i Bluetooth Headset for Nokia N8

Think of a luxurious headset, having bluetooth capabilities,can answer calls, has great added features,and needs very less charging, you get the BH-905i. Simply, these are my first impressions of this awesome Bluetooth headset BH-905i from Nokia. But i need to elaborate , right ?
Anyway here it goes, in bullet points, 

  • First, the Looks, it is stunning with very neat brushed aluminum face plates , but the plastic looks not so high grade, definitely doesn’t feel high grade too.But that aside, the headset looks stylish . So, brownie points for the looks.
  • And now, the ear piece. One word “Heaven” the ear piece is so comfy, like a pillow that i can hug and sleep on. My ears have never felt strain or pain.And know what? It doesn’t give the sound out nor let sound in, its such a delight.
  • Sound quality, well , i cant compare actually, because all the headsets i have tested are equally good. Having compared with a sennheiser one, i don’t find any difference, sounds as good. Have to say this though, the audio quality has all round performance, not too tinny nor too bass-y. Its just pleasant.And definitely sounds great.
  • Now lets get to the bluetooth stuff.. it connects easily,check out my video on how to connect it to a device like the Nokia N8 down below.The working range is great, i never expected it could perform so well, having used other bluetooth headsets.I happily roamed around with the phone in a stationary place without a break or a disturbance in the audio.So,the main feature performs let down here.
  • And now calling, it performs well, no complaints, for answering the call and cutting the call its the same button and is good enough.No complaints/rants.
  • The hardware buttons are nicely laid out, you may spend some time searching for the volume rocker and the active noise cancellation switch, but once you find it, its totally a pleasure using these buttons.Clicking them does make a sound that makes you go ” whoa, this feels cheap “.
  • And this is the best feature of BH 905i, its called active noise cancellation, and this just blew my mind.More on this feature alone coming soon.
  • And last but not least, the battery in the BH 905i.I have to accept that i have not even tried to charge since it came to me.And it still goes on and on.But you know, i haven’t technically used THAT much, but enough to make a battery dies, but alas, this just doesn’t.I am sure you will find them very convincing too.
  • One thing i never found out till i downloaded a pdf manual was the bass boost option. You remember the power key right ? It is multifunctional as a call/end button as well as a bass boost option. Click it once, you get one beep,first level of bass level, likewise there are 3 levels of bass boost which is great if you want more out of the BH 905i.The final level is the most audible and was clearly better than the normal.
Now people! don’t judge anything with my first impressions, i haven’t used it or tested it too much.
Just wait a few more days and i wont disappoint you 
Now for all of you trying to figure out how to connect this to a device, here is my short how to video: