Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is am amazing phone and there is absolutely no doubt about it. Many still wonder what it is in Nokia N8 that makes it so special. To answer exactly that, I have made a list of the top 10 reasons of buying Nokia N8. They are listed as shown below.
  • HDMI Connectivity – This is major innovation from any phone manufacturer so far. With a boom in the sale of LCD and LED televisions which come HD ready, this is an innovative feature to include in any cell phone and Nokia has done it again. You can now play all your HD media on this phone by directly connecting it to the television’s HDMI port.
  • Dolby Digital Plus – I know that you all must be aware of Dolby and the way it has made a difference of the whole movie viewing experience. Dolby Digital Plus is a technology that delivers a 5.1 Surround Sound through the HDMI and Nokia has made it available in Nokia N8. You view HD movies with Dolby 5.1 with this phone. I do not see any other reason why you would not like to buy this phone. It is the first time that any mobile manufacturer has integrated the Dolby Digital Plus technology in a mobile phone.
  • Lifetime Free GPS – No other phone on this planet comes with a lifetime free GPS which is a very strong reason to buy this phone. Ovi Maps is an application on the phone that helps you find your way in almost every country in this world. The coverage keeps increasing even as i write this article.

  • Unlimited Music – Got an Apple, I know how costly it is to buy music from their store. Nokia N8 is the ultimate solution. Nokia N8 comes with Ovi Music Unlimited which means you can keep downloading music 24X7 without any extra charges (Data Charges are exclusive) from the Nokia’s very own Ovi Music Store.
  • HD Photography 12 MP Camera – Nokia N8 features a 12 MP camera for the very first time in any mobile phone so sleek with auto focus camera, xenon flash and of course, the Carl Zeiss optics. This is way to tempting to try any other phone. You can take HD video to a resolution of 720p that too with stereo mic support to give you real life audio in your videos. You also have smile detection and face recognition.
  • USB On The Go – This is a technology that allows you to use your phone just like a PC. You can connect external USB devices to the phone and the phone acts as a USB Host. You can connect your portable hard-drive and see all the contents on the phone – cut, copy, paste. See another phone’s memory contents on the Nokia N8 using this technology.

  • Bluetooth v3.0 – This is the latest technology that allows a transfer rate of 24Mbps over bluetooth. Nokia N8 comes with this feature.

  • Memory Storage – You can have a total memory storage of up-to 48 GB which includes 16 GB of internal memory and 32 GB of external memory in the form of microSD.

  • Gaming – Do you love to play 3D games on your phone? This is exactly what you want, a Nokia N8 backed by a dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0.

  • Go Green Technology – When the whole world is talking about the Go Green campaign then why should you stick to a phone that does not help the environment. Nokia N8 is energy efficient, all the phone substance is recyclable and free of nickel, PVC, brominated & chlorinated compounds and free of antimony trioxide.