Connecting other Symbian Smart Phones with Nokia N8 via USB on The Go

USB-On-The-Go is a much advertised feature in Nokia N8. USB-On-The-Go feature in any mobile phone allows the phone to be used as a USB host. You can connect USB drives, portable hard drives and other phones to Nokia N8 and see their content and copy to the phone as well. I tried connecting my Nokia N8 with Nokia 5800. I connected Nokia 5800 via the USB port in N8.

As soon as I connected N5800 with Nokia N8, the USB menu popped up on N5800. I selected the ‘Mass Storage‘ option which automatically opened the file manager in N8. I could see all the memory card content that was there on N5800. I could browse through all the files and folders without any hitches. The navigation through the files was very smooth and the¬†transfer¬†speed from N5800 to N8 was too fast as good as a normal USB transfer that you do on a PC. I even connected Nokia E63 and found all the content clearly accessible on N8. This really opens a whole new segment for mobile phones. Imagine yourself travelling on a long journey with a hard drive full of movies and songs, simply connect to your N8 and view them. This truly leaves us with the same question – “It’s amazing technology. What will you do with it?” This is just a trailer, stay tuned for more such amazing feature reviews.