Nokia N8’s First Firmware Version 11.012 Released – RM 596

Nokia released its first major firmware for Nokia N8 (RM 596) for all Versions. 

The new firmware should be available in a few days via NSU or OTA.

There is no changelog, because it’s the first firmware 🙂

this firmware is for RM596 for all countries and regions.


According to the media the Nokia N8 will be available at amazon on 18.10.10, while the rest or the carriers and providers across europe will get it on 22.10.2010. so, check your local Nokia dealer, if you want Nokia’s new N-Series mobile.

you can check here your product code, if it’s available for you, too. or start your Nokia Software Updater (NSU).

it is not a firmware update. it’s the firmware, which is preloaded on the shipped N8’s. and the FW Nr. is corrected, too: V011.012 not V11.0.12.