Tarasov BlackList Mobile v1.98(0) Symbian^3 – N8, E7, C6, C7 – SiS/SiSx App Download

Blacklist Mobile protects you from unwanted calls, sms, mms and even from sms-spam. Just add contacts you wish to ignore using “Contacts” menu and forget about people who annoy you. You can also consider blocking unknown (not from address book) or hidden numbers. And if you receive lots of SMS-spam messages every day Blacklist Mobile will solve this as well: just specify SMS-spam gate address (i.e. “4440” or “HOTLADIES”) and all messages from those senders will be blocked.

Blacklist Mobile is released in 2 variants: full and free Lite versions. Lite version allows you to add one particular contact to blacklist for free. No time limits, no charges, but just one contact. Consider using full version of Blacklist Mobile if you want to block as many contacts as you want + reject unknown/hidden numbers.

* Application features: Blocks calls, SMS and MMS
* SMS-gate (like Skype alias) or URL can be added to blacklist
* Hidden numbers blocking
* Unknown (not from address book) numbers blocking
* Autoboot at device sturtup
* All deleted messages texts are available in Blacklist Log
* Easy and comfortable in use