How to Optimize / Prolong your Nokia N8’s Battery Life

How to Optimize / Prolong your Nokia N8’s Battery Life 
Many features in your device increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery lifetime. To save battery power, note the following:
• Always charge the battery fully.
• Activate power saving mode. Press the power key, and select Activate power saving. The device settings, such as Network mode and the screen saver, are optimised. To deactivate power saving mode, press the power key, and select Deactivate power saving.
• Set your device to retrieve mail less frequently. Select Menu > Applications > Mail > Settings, your mailbox, and Synchronisation > Retrieval frequency. If you have additional mailboxes, you may need to set the retrieval frequency separately for each mailbox.
• Mute unnecessary tones, such as key tones.
• Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
• Deactivate the background animation effects. Select Menu > Settings and Themes > General > Options > Theme effects > Off.
• Deactivate the Big clock screen saver. Select Menu > Settings and Themes > Screen saver > None.
• Activate a dark theme. Select Menu > Settings and Themes > General.
• Change the length of the time-out period after which the device display switches off. Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Display > Light time-out. To adjust the light sensor that observes lighting conditions and adjusts the display brightness, in the display settings, select Light sensor.
• If the signal strength of the cellular network varies in your area, it increases the demand on battery power.
• If the network mode is set to use both GSM and 3G (dual mode) networks, the device searches for the 3G network. To set your device to use only the GSM network, select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Network > Network mode > GSM.
• Deactivate Bluetooth when not needed. Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > Off.
• Stop your device from scanning for available WLANs in the background. Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > WLAN > Options > Settings > Show WLAN availability > Never.
• When connecting to the internet, use a WLAN connection, rather than a packet data (GPRS or 3G) connection.
• Set the packet data connection to be established only when needed. Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > Packet data > Packet data connection > When needed.
• When you are listening to music, and do not want to make or receive calls, activate the offline profile.
• Close the applications you are not using. hold the menu key, swipe until the desired application is displayed, and select (x)