How to Fix Photo & Video Editors on Nokia Belle FP2 (Refresh & FP1) after Hard Reset?

Hard resetting your Nokia Belle smartphone with *#7370# or three button combination usually solves many issues, but it may also remove or damage some important system files. For instance most of the people lose Photo and Video Editors app after performing hard reset. In this case you can either re-install the firmware with Nokia Suite (We had explained it earlier, how to do that). Else you can jailbreak / hack your Nokia Belle smartphone and manually install the Photo & Video Editors app on your smartphone. Note: This method works on Belle Refresh / FP1 and Belle FP2 smartphones.



    My nokia 701 is hacked using SafeManager. When i try to install above photo n video editor it gives an error —“Unable to install component is built in”— .
    Can any1 plz help me?

    • Follow slow hack method or place installserver.exe in c:/sys/bin and enable its patch from rom patcher.

  • Adnan Torlic

    Works perfect for my Nokia N8,thank you N8 FAN CLUB…

  • Alejandro Sidillo

    wow works on my x7… thanks alot N8 Fan Club… pls continue what your doing cause nokia has abondoned us…

  • Mark Salem

    when i try to install Photo and Video Editors’ it says requested application not granted’ pls. help ..

  • ana carolina

    i having a nokia e7 but i don’t want hack it,
    have other possybity to install this app in my mobile ???
    please help me

  • shamsheer

    my phone is nokia 603 (hacked) While installing it is showing unable to install
    component is inbuilt and in folder C the “installserver.exe” Please help me

    • You need to hack your phone with Belle FP2 Hack.

      • shamsheer

        sir i hacked the phone with safemanager and enable the patch in rompatcher+ but it is not instaling

        • In that case, please use SIS Contents App on PC and extract this SIS file, it will extract all files and folders. You need to manually copy these files and folders to C:/ Phone Memory. Make sure to apply open4all patch from ROM Patcher before starting to copy the extracted files and folders to C:/ Phone Memory.

          • shamsheer

            sir please suggest me another option without connecting the PC

          • There’s no other option unfortunately. You will need a PC to extract SIS files.

          • shamsheer

            ok sir how can i get SIS content App in PC and i how can i extract this file

          • shamsheer

            please help me how can i get sis content app in PC and how can i extract it

  • Aniket2

    I can edit photos via editor..but still video editor icon is not showing in the main menu..though photo editor icon is visible…video editor icon isn’t visible

    • Aniket2

      please help…sir

  • Tarun PARASHAR

    Dude you got some fix for this, because I also face the same issue on my 808, running fp2. please let me know , if you found any.

  • Mohamed Rafi

    நன்றி. நன்றி. நன்றி. Thank you very much.
    But, lastpage very difficult. Carefully I install.
    Thanks n8