Nokia Belle FP2 Firmware Update Taken off from Nokia Servers until they fix issues with the update

Update: The Belle FP2 firmware’s bugs been fixed and the firmware started to roll out again from Nokia update servers via OTA and Nokia Suite.

Yesterday Nokia had released official Nokia Belle FP2 firmware update for 2nd generation Belle smart phones, which was accused to have some serious issues, and Nokia had to pull off the update from their servers until they investigate and fix the issues that are found. Below you can see the list of issues and the official statement of Nokia in this regard.

Known issues under Nokia’s Investigation process:

  1.     Phone doesn’t boot after updating
  2.     Nokia Music Store problem
  3.     Nokia Store problem
  4.     Video Pro app missing
  5.     Lockscreen problem

Official Statement from Nokia:

Hi all,
Just a quick heads up. We’ve heard about some issues after the update and now decided to take the update files off our servers until we have investigated the case.
I’ll announce it here once the update is available again, but for the moment please don’t worry if your phone doesn’t get the update.
Best regards,

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  • ankesh agarwal

    but i hv done the update, iwhat shud i do then. Plz help

  • faizan firdous

    we will have to wait until nokia care gets the original or fixed firmwear of fp2 and i think it will take some time

    • bhavik gothi

      so those who have already updated they will get update or not

  • vicky kumar

    so we are wait,
    but what is good for my nokia 603 ?
    1. I am done update by darect in software _( software update )
    2. Or we are go nokiacare
    what is good help me.

    And i hope after update my nokia we r use google map and nokia citylence and many more app.