Norton Symbian Jailbreak Hack Belle Refresh & FP1

How to hack Symbian^3 – Symbian^4 Smart Phones using Norton Symbian Hack?
Previously we had Dr Web’s and UMU Mobile Security Hacking Methods for Symbian, that helped to remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps / games. Now here comes Norton Symbian Hack by CoDeRus. (Works with Anna, Belle, Belle Refresh & Belle FP1 firmware). For Belle FP2 you’ll have to use SafeManager Hack or FLASHING METHOD.

1. Install  1. (^3_S^4.sisx

You might encounter Application not Compatible error, just ignore that and continue with the installation process.

2. Launch  Norton Application from the menu.

3. Go Options- Anti-Virus – Quarantine list

4. Go Options – Click on Restore All to restore 3 files and say yes to any prompts

5. Exit application, uninstall Symantec Symbian Hack from Settings > Installations > Installed Apps.
6. Install 2. ( from the download package.
7. Now install 5. N8FanClub.com_Ynstallserver.exe Patch Signed.sis.
8. Run ROM Patcher and Apply Open4all patch.
Fix: Component is Built in Error Nokia Belle FP1 / Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware
This step will fix up Component Built In Error / Update Error (Update error can also be fixed by removing any previous version of the app, while if that app is in ROM, you will be required to follow step 9 below.)

9. Install & Open X-plore and enable hidden and system files from its configuration settings as shown in screenshot below. 

10. With X-plore expand C:/ directory. You’ll see Click on it and extract SYS folder from to root C:/ as shown in the screenshots below and then Apply RunInstallServer.exe from C sys bin.rmp patch from ROM Patcher. ALL DONE!! Voila there will be no more certificate errors / expired certificate errors / component is built in errors and you’ll be able to install all unsigned apps / games / modded widgets.

If Norton Hack isn’t working for you due to any reason, you can try Trend Micro Unlock Hack with Video Tutorial from here or SafeManager Hack or FLASHING METHOD for Belle FP2.

  • when make restor tells me already existed plz help me

  • its tells me already existed when restore help me plz

  • when i restore, it shows file already exists, help needed for my c7 belle. Thank you

  • thank you very much worked

  • worked on my nokia 701 belle 111.030.0609
    had to manually move installserver.exe

  • i need help when do restore shown its already exists what to do

    • sir pls hlp me.i installed rom patcher lite version(after it cnt see on my n8belle…wht i do? Pls

  • i need help wane do restore shown it is already exists..same problem.

    • U need to hard reset before doing this…. Before reset copy ur e drive to pc…. Hard reset code is *#7370# N plz dont forget backup ur c drive on f drive or pc…. Enjoy

  • Wen I restore, it shows already exists…….plz help…..

  • can we restore the firmware? Like what if I wanna switch back to Anna, can I format the device?

  • sir i follw all right steps my n8 was hack .aftar update bell0.if i go to move installserver.exe sys/bin is not opend. Pllz tell me .

  • hy i cant find the restore 1,and next time its say ,it already exit.

  • hi i did everything and i used X-plore to move installsever.exe to sys bin the i dont know what to do and i tried to install an unsigned app but i couldnt it still says cirificate error what to do…..???

  • I do all what says in this page but i still when i instsall unsiged app there is crelificate errors what i do

  • @all don’t restore, simply delete all three outta the list. I did it, works perfectly now.

  • after the sw update to fp1 on my 701 my mobile unhacked if again i tried in nortan it showing file already exist plz help me plz

  • pls help it say norton already expires

  • i cant install unsigned i had done as well as given below. My cell nokia 701 fp1 help me

  • i cant install unsigned in nokia 701 fp1 i had done this all but i cant install plz help me

  • Norton is expierd… 🙁 anyone with the same problem?

  • there is no e:\patches folder,then where should i cut the copied file?

    • Create the folder in E: named as Patches. Is that tough part??

  • on my phone it cant install norton hack error were shown

  • all who having already exits error. first you have to hard reset your phone. then install Norton and try again.
    Who had no patch folders in e:// look in c:// drive.

  • is it ok if i just install rom patcher patch with new install server since i’ve already hacked my n8 belle previous to the refresh update and files already exist in c except that install server is no longer working. By the way, thanks for the new effects package. I merely copied and overwrote the files in resource and bin and effects are now working again.

  • thanks it works

  • what about theme effects admin?

  • lol it works well, and now i have 4 ‘installserver.exe’s. Not dare to omit so open them all.

  • it worked for me on my nokia n8 belle refresh, thank you very much, i installed some unsigned applications after hacked.

  • thanx.

  • thank you. It worked on my nokia n8.

  • doesnt want to install “N8FanClub.com_Ynstallserver.exe” certificate error and when i continue without instaling it. When i instal unsinged apps they all say file corupt. Any1 who can help ?

  • till step 8 ,ok but after it, i cant proceed.. X-plore is nt opening.showing ‘unable to insatall x-plore’ some body plz help me ;(

  • norton says expired. What to do?

  • New

    Thanks, it works

  • meryl

    ive already installed the norton hack and even downloaded the photo and video editor but whenever i try to install it “update error” appears. please help me…

    • Make sure you have placed installserver.exe inside C:/sys/bin

  • shivaramprasad

    I only have 10 MB in my C drive.. Can I perform this installation ? Im unable to clear the space on C:

  • Ravi Pun

    I am not able to install Xplore on my N8 belle refresh.
    “Unable to install”;
    I have doubts in the ROM patch step as well, Is marking Open4all RP+ all that we need to do?, what happens if this step is successful?

  • Usman Saleem

    cant install xplore ,expired certificate error is persisting ,what should i do

    • Change the date to few months back or an year back and try again.

      • Rajinder Singh

        Can you please tell me the correct date for it. Trying several dates but unable to install x-plore

  • Usman Saleem

    and how to confirm it that i have done it with success !

  • Nerman Talakic

    Can’t install Rompatcher plus 3.1, says certificate error, I have tried changing the date back a few months and a few years.

    • Have you followed each and every step? You need install Symantec and inject exploit to install Rom Patcher.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

      ——– Original message ——–

  • Nerman Talakic

    I have followed each step, I will do it again from the start just to be sure. Is there something I need to uninstall or delete before beginning anew? BTW my device is N8 on Belle Refresh. I used to have Delight CFW installed but I reverted back to the original firmware using the Nokia Suite, could that be the cause of this issue?

    • Default firmware shouldn’t be the problem. However if the problem persists, I would suggest for Xeon CFW its fast and most stable yet.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

      ——– Original message ——–

  • Mandar Joshi

    cant install NortonSymbianHack on my nokia 701 please please help me. Error – Unable to install. Component is built in.

  • MadJon

    Easier way around ‘expired certificate’ problem. Put phone offline, change date on phone to 2012. Turn phone off and on, and install app. Put back into online mode and update time. App works just fine. 🙂

  • surendra

    iam got sucessful hack my n8 than q u sir

  • Pál Kiss

    Great works. 🙂