Xeon Belle Refresh v3.5.1 – 111.040.1511 – Custom Firmware Nokia N8 – Download & Flashing Guide

Xeon Belle Refresh Flashing Tutorial Guide for 
Nokia N8

Exclusive from N8FanClub.com

Xeon 3.5.1 Custom Firmware for Nokia N8
Xeon v3.5.1 – Belle Refresh – CFW for Nokia N8

Xeon Belle Refresh v111.040.1511 Custom firmware for Nokia N8 has been updated to v3.5.1. We had tried XEON Belle Refresh CFW on our Nokia N8 upon user recommendations and its the most enhanced, stable and awesome custom firmware for Nokia N8. Xeon’s CFW has only English and Italian languages. (Italian as default, you can change it into English later on). Detailed change-logs are available after the break. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at Cfficial Nokia Belle Refresh Change-logs.

Xeon 3.5.1 Custom Firmware for Nokia N8
Xeon Belle Refresh 3.5.1 for N8 – Change-log – 21/02/2013

-Fix Mod Conversations Style
-Update User Guide ( Xeon Tool )
-Fix toggle widgets style
-Add DomainSrv for RP+
-Update Theme Nokia Evolve S^4
-Update User Guide ( Xeon Tool )
-Update +System+/X-Tool
-New system font
-Added fix Wifi/ Update Calendar
-Added new
-Update 3rd party apps
-Fix CPIX components
-Added Voip/Sip components
-Update Nokia Pt 2.5
-Sound improvements 3.5
-Added new patches for RP+
-Update Menu Layout
-Added new presets for Music Equalizer
-New apps integrated
-Update system plugins
-Integrated QT IAP components
-Other minor fix


111.040.1511 – S^4 Xeon 3.4.7 – 23/10/2012
Update Qt WebKit 4.8.2
-Fix +System+ (Rimozione Social)

– New Music player 
– Dolby Digital effects for headphones added
– Belle FP1 Multi Tasking Manager 
– Custom THEME EFFECTS (C:/Animations/Effects)
– Modded Widgets and Clocks
– Hacked – can install all unsigned apps / games / widgets without certificate errors
– Battery and Signals made colorful
– Signals Symbol Changed
– Starting Bootscreen added
– More than 6 homescreens can be added
– Camera Mute Mod added
– Resume downloads from the internet in default web browser
– Vibration on phone lock / unlock removed
– 10 Music Equalizer Settings Added
– All Apps can be renamed
– Cache shifted to E:/
– Downloaded from N8 Fan Club
– Send protected files from default file manager
– Call logs will be saved for 999 days
– Added ROM PATCHER with Lots of Patches

How to Flash Xeon Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 on Nokia N8


1. Download & Install Phoenix from here: N8FanClub.com_PSS_2012.04.003.47798.exe
(Make sure to disable your Anti-virus to avoid Insert Nokia Dongle Error)
Note: This custom firmware package has only English & Italian Languages, if you want to have additional Arabic language in Xeon CFW for Nokia N8, just download the following ROFS2 file and replace it with the ROFS2 firmware file of the above firmware package before proceeding with flashing process. Thanks to Mostafa Abo Elhasan for providing the Arabic ROFS2 for Xeon CFW.

Arabic ROFS2: 

(Note that this firmware is pre-hacked, you are not required to hack / unlock it using Norton Hack)
3. Copy that extracted RM-596 folder in the following folder path:
C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596
(If RM-596 folder doesn’t exist, you need to create RM-596 folder yourself and paste the firmware files inside it)
4. Now connect your Nokia N8 in Ovi Suite Mode with USB cable and run Phoenix
5. Goto File and hit Scan Product (wait for some time)
6. Proceed to Flashing and hit Firmware update.
7. Select the firmware product code with three dots (…) (Select: 0599750: euro1_dg_italy) and click OK. (Don’t worry for the product code, it can be any one)

Click to enlarge
8. Now hit the options button, just beneath SW Reset button and a window will appear.
– Delete: RM-596_M005.50.emmc.fpsx as show below
Click to enlarge

9. Now Click either on Refurbish or Software Reset button (For Windows 8 users only Software Reset  button will function) (Refurbish button will just update the firmware and your installed apps on E: will come back gradually, while software reset won’t bring back the apps, you had to re-install all the apps on E:).

Note: The flashing process would start and might ask you to disconnect USB cable and connect it again and slightly push the power button on N8 to initiate flashing Nokia Belle Refresh Custom Firmware. Flashing would hardly take 3 – 5 minutes on an average PC. Enjoy the Nokia Belle Refresh CFW on your Nokia N8 with all new widgets. (The flashing process is similar for every Nokia Belle Device, however you cannot use firmware of one device on any other device)

Languages in this Firmware:
English and Italian, (Arabic also available by ROFS2 replacement as mentioned above)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I am using another Belle Refresh CFW (111.040.1511), will I have to downgrade first?
A: If you are using another Belle Refresh CFW based on v111.040.1511 (for instance Diamond Belle  Refresh or PVN’s CFW), you won’t be required to downgrade, just flash this firmware. Even if you are using AminKing v11 till now, you can  simply flash it using the flashing method as mentioned above, no downgrade is required.
Q: I  want to return back to Official Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511, what to do?
A: Just download Official Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware v111.040.1511 from NaviFirm and flash it in the same way with Phoenix.
Q: Can I downgrade this firmware? In case I want to return back to Symbian Anna? 
A: Yes you can downgrade using this downgrade tutorial over here.

Q: My Nokia N8 went dead after following this guide, what to do?

A: First of all, don’t worry, try to Flash your Nokia N8 in DEAD USB Mode. It will be fine.
Q: Will updating to this CFW or Downgrading from CFW to PR 1.0 erase my all data from the phone?
A: NO! Your data would remain preserved in E:/ MASS MEMORY, however backup of your important data is always recommended.
Q: My phone doesn’t scan for music / songs after flashing this CFW? 
A: Place all your music files in E:/Music

Q: Where should I place the custom theme effects after flashing this firmware?
A: Extract your custom theme effects in C:/Animations/effects

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02036137841923197325 Vineeth

    I have a c6 01, with the updated Anna firmware. Can i Do the Same steps as u have mentioned above for the c6 01 also to update it to belle?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04650577885200911603 loverboy

    Symbian Belle Worked Fine! Downgrade also worked Fine. Thanks …….. Now Running Anna…. ”N8 Fanclub Rocks”

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09589048224180926329 Prabu M

    Its asking product code but above told product code doesnt matter. Pls give me some ideas…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09589048224180926329 Prabu M

    during flash Its asking prof bu code but in guide told that product code doesnt matter… Pls give me some ideas…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07481210043823138853 Sridhar

    dear admin please accept my sincere thanks for ur kind guidence in make us use latest releases. Am a starter, flashed and ran successfully for 5 days then it started sudden restart on call receipt so went to reset using option not succeede then apply HARD RESET. after it am FEEL MUCH HAPPY because got 220 MB in C:\ but i lost all nonsense applications along with Ovi s ore and picture editing and some more try to install Ovi store and searched picture editin options but wasted my time. I NEED UR HELP to get back minimal usefull application. ENJOYING THE SPACE UNTIL UR KIND SUGGESTION

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11070201638854559492 baghel_rk

    will my warranty of phone abondoned after flashing

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10096578120764376170 jd

    hello guys i was having one queston in ma mind wat if i flash my phone with belle using phoneix. And if nokia releases the officia symbian belle. So can i instal the official release belle on ma n8 again. Jst want o know dat. Help needed

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08767153543599164411 douchebag

    when will leaked belle for c6-01 going to be released??!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10096578120764376170 jd

    it is written that hero of sparta game is deleted from the new symbian belle. Thats nt through. I flashd my phone twice with the above given symbian bele firmware. And thrice hard resetd my phne wid the code *#7370#. Stil the game occurd in the c:/ drive of my phne. Only 5mb left after installing belle. When i update my nokia store the left over space gets filld up. So admin pls update the firmare removing the stupid trial version of the game (hero of sparta). Or give sme idea of removing the game from the frimware.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

    Jd, here is how you can remove hero of sparta demo from C:

    The first important thing is, you must have the open4all patch from RomPatcher+ On to do this! Then open X-plore and go to C:/sys/bin and delete “heroofsparta.exe” next go to C:/sys/install/sysregistry and delete the folder named “2005649d” next go to C:/sys/hash and delete an another “heroofsparta.exe” next go to C:/private and delete the folder named “2005649d” Next go to C:/resource/apps and delete two files: first is named “heroofsparta_icon.mif” and the other “HeroOfSparta.RSC” and then close X-plore and then the last step: To remove the Sparta Game totally with the icon in the Menu you !MUST! download the Hero of Sparta DEMO from Nokia Store (Make sure to install it on E: Mass storage) and after install, remove it and the icon from menu disappears!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16781320961987769797 chinu

    dear admin . . I had flashed n8 anna to belle . . All worked fine but my pendrive options had been gone and my data cable slot is not working . . Please help me out from this prob . . Please please please

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07238383557902047842 mansur

    will this belle work on my C6-01. please i need your reply thanks

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14823498679734893654 Tino Wizconsin Emeka

    pls can you update the download links. They are no longer working.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14823498679734893654 Tino Wizconsin Emeka

    pls can you update the download links. They are no longer working.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07490655049893467786 Dr. Himanhsu Parashar

    whenever m trying to connect nokia n8 in mass storage mode…. It automatically shifts to ovi mode. Help!!!! M using cfw 111.040.0940 belle.
    Rest working fine.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16547209018509341984 Mustu

      Just exit nokia suite after connecting your cable and the problem will be fixed

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03741008628327310154 Rashmine

    Nice update, but one small request, could you please release those widgets in .sis packs, cuz my e7 is running on belle v.06.09, and i dont find it safe to upgrade it so soon to the leaked 1st version of the new belle fp1, i and many more of the n8fanclub fan wld b glad, if u cld get some of the highlight updates in sis pack or some other way den flashing :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin
    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03741008628327310154 Rashmine

      Admin, Thanks for the reply, n the link, but I alredy am using it :), I follow all ur posts, as n8fanclub is my homepage :). Waiting eagerly for more widgets, Thanks

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01291558598895282568 jon

    error installing phoenix

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      Disable your anti-virus before installing Phoenix.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03683655710305524742 ctonotorequal

    is there an estimative official release date for this firmware?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      No official release date available yet.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16547209018509341984 Mustu

    Hello sir I have c6-01 . Can I use same firmware files of n8 for my device as well? Please help me sir

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      Sorry, you cannot use N8’s firmware on any other device.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18112948682230497111 XxLuNaxX

    what if i want to reinstall the official firmware again how do i do that?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      You can follow the downgrade process over here: http://www.n8fanclub.com/2011/08/how-to-successfully-downgrade-nokia-n8.html
      First Downgrade to the firmware given above
      Upgrade to Official Belle

      If you’ll directly downgrade to Offical Belle, your phone will not boot up, however if you’ll flash back either the taylor’s leaked firmware or the downgrade firmware, your phone will be alive again & please do not ask the same query twice.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18112948682230497111 XxLuNaxX

    how do i move to official firmware again?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03835341169780401537 irshad

    After flash am tried to backup photo Veadio editor.but it says unable to delete file.pls sir hlp me to install that useful applications………

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16547209018509341984 Mustu

    What will happen if I use N8 firmware files in my Nokia C6-01

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      Your phone will not boot up.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15766867085601596057 dtgoku5000

    i’m having a couple of issues with this firmware (i installed it two days back..) first of all, with this firmware, free RAM is only around 75-80MB, while I used to get around 100-110MB of free RAM in the official firmware..and then, sending options, to send a file, i get only the options ‘via message’ and ‘via Bluetooth’. there’s no option to send via e-mail… (for that, I have to go to mailbox and create new mail and include the files)and I cannot change themes. when I select another theme, the processing window shows up, and it stays like that. theme would be applied partially, i.e., some display components would be of Nokia Evolve theme style, and some would take the new appearance.also, changing display orientation takes a lot time..is there currently any other firmware available which I can flash? preferences: I need more than six homescreens.. that’s all..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06173595710981252222 garikapati

    am using official symb belly. Iwant to upgrade to belli fp1… before that is there ny need to downgrde to.anna or cn i co ntinue the process wth of4cial symb belly plz help.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06173595710981252222 garikapati

    hurry.,. Atlast i make it.. wow., thankQs to our fanclub,..i encounterd 1. Nokia dongle error..2. Dp file path error. 1st problem solwed by disabling anti virus. And 2nd one by uninstalling phoenix and also phoenix folder in ‘ c: ‘ and re installing phoenix… Finally iam happy… My n8 got bridal makeup… :-)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08899890261472182317 mann

    i am using offical belle 111.030.0609 bt my surfing one probleM with this, nokia CA-75U not working, i mean standrd normal tv audio video out not working with this belle version, only hdmi support with this version. pls suggest any version who support ca-75u cable and hdmi. Double tv out like anna os. Pls say. Im waiting

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13770932385117677266 fahimi

    languange??arabic and english plz……

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00615664540539156612 Shaikh Arif

    i m from india
    i m using nokia belle now…and want to update nokia belle refresh….but when i check update its show me no update available….when will i get update for belle refresh

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08661618165855508250 DeadManWalking27

    I had updated my nokia c7 official bell refresh recently,can I now install this update to myC7??? Plse rply….!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15328359230396136083 Sajeed Saj

    dear admin need help pls :( … I tried to scan product but its not showing anything on screen ,d screen is blank ..pls advise me wat to do …i want to upgrade dis firmware ..b4 d theme effects were running perfectly on my n8 belle ,but aftr updating to refresh belle it doesnt work now :(

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16797431153315020675 Admin

      Keep trying unless you are successful.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15328359230396136083 Sajeed Saj

      dear sir i am trying to update this firmware from past 4 days and aftr clicking on scan product nothing is appearing on the screen ,d screen is totally blank and just now i noticed right side bottom of the screen beside USB1 mark there is a question mark and when i kept curser on that its showing SUPERDONGLE NOT FOUND, UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE PRODUCT… What does it mean …please help me admin i really need ur help ….thanks

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14845512003294933417 Nitin Dilip

      try disabling your antivirus software before you start flashing.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15328359230396136083 Sajeed Saj

      thanks for ur reply nitin….i tried but no use aftr click on firware update nothing is der all boxes r empty and when i clicked on ptoduct code it says either dp1.0 nor dp2.0 found ..????

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09113007710614682070 J.J Jr

    Very good and stable.I recommend.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04481836166179850150 count_duckula

    flashed fine, but when syncing music fom nokia suite to phone it gives me error that i don’t have a memory card insertrd which i do. Was working fine with delight belle. Any advice what could be the problem? Otherwise a great cfw

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04481836166179850150 count_duckula

    any help with my problem?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11130990918487824951 Rado Razafimahazo

      skype doesnt work for me after install. How about yours.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05051979389366968568 aureliomilitao

    is posible put the greats feactures the new FP2 Fw nokia 808????

    New qwerty
    new unlock

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03291601981218944725 ceenu

    nokia n8 belle refresh good

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17375699465385080330 Melvin Dumapi

    admin i already flash diamond belle refresh, may i ask how to remove the arabic text on qwerty mode while texting, or is there a patch for this to remove. Tnx, waiting for your reply.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05051979389366968568 aureliomilitao

    is possible put the greats feactures the new FP2 Fw nokia 808???? in N8 CFW

    New Galery
    New qwerty
    new unlock



  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16547209018509341984 Mustu

    Sir! I disabled my anti virus still installing nokia phoenix shows some problem and error of registration failed and when I try to open it , it shows please insert nokia dongle. What to do , please help

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08899890261472182317 mann

    hi admin, me try to install on my n8 belle 1511 v. install phoniex => run =>connection rm
    596 => file => scan product => then flashing => select product code => option => then
    showing 2 red files.me del last emmc fpsx file => then press ok now eroor says ” the ‘c;
    \program files\nokia\phoenix\products\Rm596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.162.fpsx’ is
    incaccessible because the system cannot find the file spcifed. (error showing the 2nd file
    name who also red color in there showing) ) say what can i do. bcz my cell not attached with now in mass memory feature vd PC. help admin

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08899890261472182317 mann

    pls say there 2files showing, if last one i del then another red file wht i do, bcz last one del and me press ok its showing error,
    the ‘c;
    \program files\nokia\phoenix\products\Rm596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.162.fpsx’ is
    incaccessible because the system cannot find the file spcifed. (error showing the 2nd file name who also red color in there showing)


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09478515126047176354 Thewebmaster

    I downloaded this firmware yesterday and I have loved it since. However, I was wondering if there was any way possible to remove the arabic from the keyboatd and set it back to the default numbers and symbols?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15149857315760454787 Anfas

      use nokia qwerty keyboard editor or something.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07422428656406740636 ashu dhiman

    i m nt able to find the product code after clicking three dots in sub-widow plz suggest…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02687055751469168640 Mahesh Siroya

    how should i install kinetic scrolling mode in this firmware. This firmware is jus awesome no comparison but m facing with prob k after sometime of use it gets slow for few moment after tat it resumes back to its speedwhy so? N also tell me abt kinetic scrolling please help me out.thanks very very much for introducing these firmware its jus awesome n i appreciate ur hard work

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15279251500508073908 Dixit Chopra

    after deletd ‘RM-596_ M005.50.emmc.fpsx ‘ this file.. Thn i press on ‘ok’ button it showing the error that ( The ‘c:\program files\nokia\phoemix\RM-596\RM-596_111.040.1511_79U_prd.core.fpsx’ is inaccessible because The system cannot find the file specified ) now tell me what will i do ?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15279251500508073908 Dixit Chopra

    hey! Admi.. Please help.. I was installed this firmware..and it was just awesome man!! buti have a problm ..when i plugged in my headphone in to my phone it don’t show the mg of ‘prevent harmful high volume’ and its volume getting low.. What i do now ?? Please tell admin?

  • http://ghosthost.pip.verisignlabs.com/ Tanjib

    need language version 111.040.1511.18.01 (Bangla supported)

    need the tutorial for backuping existing firmware from phone to computer using phoenix


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06489117723703749428 Kshemendra Kayasth

    how to use original boot screen instead of xeon

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09200556027872579919 Mustapha Ibraheem

    is it compoulsory to use this phoenix?
    Am already having phoenix but can’t find my product code, pls what to do? I’ve checked everywhere but still.
    Pls helllllllp

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05613071176186335456 Zahid Hasan

    mustafa chk in fb post how to install.☺

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11581851508126071626 dinesh meena

    its good update but uc browsre does not working in it n stop music tere r no guide to run it

  • Stefan Knezevic

    Hello, I wan’t upgrade my N8 to Xeon CFW but there’s a one problem. I downloaded all files which is mentioned in this guide and put files into Phoenix folder after installation. But, when I open Phoenix, it doesn’t recognize my phone. Does anyone know what problem is? I tried to reinstall all nokia programs and drivers, then I tried to load without nokia programs, and after all that, I tried to reinstall Phoenix, but nothing. I will be very pleased if someone can solve my problem.
    I appreciate fast answer.

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Better try different version of phoenix from mediafire.com/pss

  • Stefan Knezevic

    Sad news… I tried a couple of versions, the latest one, the oldest one, in the middle, but nothing, no one recognize my phone. When I connect it, Nokia Suite recognize it, so the problem isn’t with my phone or cable, I guess, because when I try in every usb mode, it is working fine, but when I try to connect it to Phoenix, nothing. More help, please? :)

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      The last option is to try dead usb flashing method, as it won’t require to recognize your device first as in normal usb flashing.
      Read more: http://www.n8fanclub.com/2011/07/how-to-flash-dead-nokia-n8-with-phoenix.html

    • preyash

      try to use Phoenix without pc suite..means first uninstall the pc suite and then start the phoenix software and then connect the phone…..it works fine

  • Prakash

    Phone Dead after this CW update..!! I had Xeon 3.4.7 previously.. Did a Dead USB firmware install and tried again and again. But no use. Product code does not match with the previous one either, any suggestion..??

  • Ali

    please make it for c7

    • http://seanwalker.vv.si/ Sean_97

      i need it too

      • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

        Try Delight CFW for Nokia C7.

  • akku

    i have already downloaded the xean in three parts…..when m extracting it is asking for password….kindly fix this issue or please give the password for that.

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Hello, we haven’t placed any password. Which app are you using to extract the firmware archive? Try using WinRAR on your PC to avoid any issues.

      • akku

        7 months before i have downloaded it three parts S4(3.5)-R1, S4(3.5)-R2EN, ….it is asking for password….in my memory….password is http://www.n8fanclub.com, but is not actually…somthing is missing in.

        • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

          Well that was old version and no longer supported. You must download the new version now.

  • Nokia N8-00 Blue

    When CFW Update ?

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      This is indeed an updated custom ROM for Nokia N8.

  • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

    Please try to apply volume mods from ROM Patcher to fix sound issue.

  • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin


  • wajeed

    can i used this for Nokia E6 plz help me…

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Sorry this is only for Nokia N8.

  • Stefan Knezevic

    Hello, can I change design of battery and signal bar? I saw on pictures it’s green colored but in this version it’s red.

  • sham

    hello,after im install the latest firmware xeon, i can’t use my wifi to connect a web. what should i do?????

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Re-flash the firmware.

  • Matthias Kuhn


    Xenon Firmware works very fine.
    But is there a way to add other languages for sms writing?


    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You can install Swype keyboard application to have other languages :)

  • Alexx

    Hello admin, i have found big problem with this firmware, beside sound on headphones is soo quiet, there is another problem ! This firmware do not support TRRS 3.5mm jack. In other words WH-701 original headset with microphone or any other for mobile dont work! Only TRS normal stereo headphones with 3.5mm jack work fine. So, is there any solution for this problem, or we who wish to use headset must go back to original belle refresh ?
    Thx !

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Alexx, for low sound volume, there are volume patches in ROM Patcher, use them. And for headset, I cannot comment at the moment.

      • Sorin Grigoreanu

        insert the jack slowly, i got this error whit an audio box that had iphone jack, always getting device not recognize

  • N8

    Do not flash using A USB 3.0 port on Windows 7 or Phoenix will not recognize your N8. Windows 7 has USB 3.0 compatibility issues. Use a USB 2.0 port and Phoenix will recognize your phone on Windows 7.

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Thanks for this tip :)

  • Max Henrique

    language portugues Brazil??????????

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Sorry, only English, Italian and Arabic are supported.

  • Milad

    Help >> can i get password my hotmail but i’m not remember password ” my mail opening in my phone Nokia N8 “

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You have to get your password from outlook.com, click on forget password and retrieve that.

      • Milad

        but i’m not remember information

        • Milad

          Is it possible to know the Password

          • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

            Sorry, you cannot retrieve the password from phone. You can only get it back in legal ways from the email provider’s website by providing them your verification details. Thanks!

      • Milad

        my mail on ready opening on my phone

  • bright

    I tried installing this xeon belle refresh CFW 3.5.1 but after clicking option an error appears.. any help?

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      What error? Please follow the process carefully and I hope you will be successful :)

  • DarkConcepts

    hi admin i have a n8, i tried to install the Xeon Belle Refresh 3.5.1 for N8 bt when i tried to when i go to flash the phone theres a error that pops up and says this. could you please help me my phones not working really good a few days ago i did the 3 button reset an im ever so sorry i did bt i really want the custom firmware u guys provide
    please guys i need my phone to work its useless at the moment :(

  • Mehmood Malik

    hy admin
    please help me whenever i open phoenix the my n8 is disconnected by nokia suite and in phoenix product scan is not performed

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Try using any other version of Phoenix. mediafire.com/pss
      Also make sure that Nokia Suite is installed but not running in the background.

  • Vijay

    after upgrade my nokia n8 in not connecting to internet nor my whatsapp application is opening…pls help guys

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Keep trying, My Nokia N8 works fine with Xeon CFW.

  • sandeep

    thanks for xeon belle

  • DarkConcepts

    i love this software my phones AWESOME…many thanks guys:D

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You are welcome :)

  • Vijay

    I am unable to install adobe reader and office

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Why can’t you install it? Are you using Xeon CFW? Make sure your have enabled installserver patch from ROM Patcher App.

  • jpg

    working perfectly,thanks a lot

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Glad its been working great for you :)

  • Basith Khan

    Hi Admin,
    Am not able to see any patches in RP+. Help me on this.

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Try to move patches folder from C:/data/patches to E:/patches

  • Vijay

    i have patched installserver. even then i am unable to install reader and office. it get error “update error” then exits the installation..
    pls help…

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      In that case I would recommend you to go for Smart Office app. There are plenty of PDF reading apps too. Search for them on our site :)

  • Hasitha Tharinda

    hi admin is Xenon CFW new version works fine with HDMI?…
    cos earlier there was a bug I think….Thanks

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      HDMI works fine with this CFW.

      • Hasitha Tharinda

        thanks admin….

        • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

          You are welcome mate :)

  • Stefan Knezevic

    how to change battery icon style?

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You can search for modded avkon file that has .mif extension and place it in E:/resource/apps and then reboot your device :)

  • stephen550

    will there but any more cfw updates for n8 ??? hope so ! and when ???

  • Unlocker San Rafael

    could place the chips for Spanish language please, and tried with other firmware ROFS2 lta phone but the screen stays at home thanks.

  • nguyentienky

    i upgraded N8 belle fw Xeon, but it doesn’t vietnamese. can you hep me to add vnese into FW? thanks a lot.

  • phone-ter

    Hi Admin,

    I installed this FW to my N8 a week ago but I have a problem. Phone automatically shuts down in the evening between 1 am and 7 am. I didn’t find any settings which make my phone to do this.
    When I set the alarm clock, the phone switch on automatically.
    Could you suggest something what should I do or what I have to set to don’t do this?

  • nguyentienky

    How many languages are there in in Arabic language package? and please help me to add vietnamese into fw.

  • Mustapha Ibraheem

    pls help me admin,is not my 1st time for installing this cfw,i have installed it on many n8s, non of them had a problem,but only this one which has annoyed me.
    After updating to this cfw from anna,all connections works unless the 3G,i can connect but loads nothing.
    Pls help me.

  • kalyan

    tqq soo much admin..now my n8 is working pefectly..appearance of the apps are good

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You are welcome :)

  • RamPro

    Hello Admin…
    Excellent.. This firmware made my phone a new one again :)
    everything is working perfectly.. thanks..

    but, Nokia Suite is not working.. its showing blank screen whenver I try to open.. Please help ? @symbianzone:disqus

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Install latest version of Nokia Suite on ur PC

      • RamPro

        Yup I’ve it running from PC..
        My question was about the nokia store.. sorry, it was my spell mistake..

        Nokia store is not opening in phone.. Its showing blank screen..

        • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

          Install latest version of Nokia Store from our site. It will work. :)

          • RamPro

            Could you please help me locate the latest version.?
            I’ve tried installing official app but still its not working..

            Even the new applications are that are installed in Massmemory are not getting opened.. they are just showing blank screen… Please help @symbianzone:disqus

  • Jaydeb

    I want to see bangla. how it possible? help me please.

  • RamPro

    hi Admin..
    actually I’ve tried Delight firmware and did not like it much.. wanted to flash the Xeon back, however its failing.. the phone is not booting up after flashing..

    Is there any way to revert back to Xeon from Delight? Please help me .. !! I want Xeon back !!

  • Mikhail Nazca

    Hi, I have some serious problem with this CFW, when i connect ANY
    headphones sound is silent. I think there is an issue with “Caution Hear
    Damage” function in CFW, it looks like there is no way that phone could
    play louder than 50%, normaly after that on headpohnes you’ve got
    massage dialog box with warning, but I have none… I try many headsets
    and headphones, factory resets etc, nothing works, but after refbrush to
    Orginal Nokia FW, gues what, everything work fine! Please can someone
    fix that I love this CFW…

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Hi, this is not an issue, there are two sound / volume related patches in ROM Patcher app which will help you to maximize sound volume on Xeon Belle Refresh custom firmware. :)

      • Mikhail Nazca

        Srsly? Thats mean i can just shut off this “feature”?

        • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

          Yes you will get maximum sound volume by applying those ROM Patcher Patches. :)

          • Mikhail Nazca

            Works like a charm, thx mate, here you have some gratitude https://soundcloud.com/northcoast/ak and if you ever be in Poland let me know i have a nice keg of beer for you^^

          • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

            I am really glad to have such a nice gratitude from your end. The sound track seems pretty good. Thanks for the beer offer mate! :)

  • Saher Chougle

    Dongle Error? please help :(

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Please make sure your antivirus is disabled, before installing Phoenix. Uninstall Phoenix, and reinstall the latest version after disabling anti-virus on your PC.

      • Saher Chougle

        no sir, i uninstalled also and tried..not working

  • Vikas Attavar

    After Installing Xenon 3.5.1 Nokia Store is not getting connected to the Internet. Displays message “There was a problem opening this page. It could be a lost connection or a slow network. Check your connection or try again later.” But my internet connection works fine. Please help

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      This is not Xeon’s issue. Nokia is gradually shutting down services for Symbian phones.

  • sfk


    i can’t download the Phoeni because the mediafire link is dead. Could you reupload please?

  • vinay dokania

    the links fr downloading Official Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware v111.040.1511 are dead, i want to revert to that from the existing xeon firmware. please provide the link fr downloading Official Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware v111.040.1511

  • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

    No that’s not OK. Its only for Nokia N8. Trying ir on ur C7 will make it dead.

  • Raj Don

    please upload links that work. none of the above are working.

  • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin


    Try entering, 12345 or 00000

    If that doesn’t work, try re-flashing.

  • windv

    hi, just installed your firmware and whanted to know what exactly do you mean when saying on step 9, that after flashing with refurbishing method , the apps will GRADUALLY come back? They are all gone, will they appear later?

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      Apps installed on phone memory will disappear and won’t come back. Only apps from memory card and mass storage may restore a bit later.

      • windv

        thanks, i meant exactly the apps from the mass storage memory. will they come back with shortcuts as they were, or i will have to search for them somewhere and add new shortcuts?

  • NipunaNiranjana

    is it okay if i try this cfw in nokia E7-00?? any specified xeon belle refresh cfw for E7?

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You cannot use Nokia N8 firmware on any other device. For Nokia E7, you can download it from here: http://goo.gl/0JC2su

  • Alqaisr Ana


    I have a problem in the Arabic language even after loading the Arabic language file and replace it with an English language remains, what is the solution?

  • Tanmoy Nath

    i just bought n8 unlocked from ebay.wanna know can i update it to belle refresh and still use my existing sim of vodafone india or have to unlock again

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      If its unlocked variant, you must go ahead with Xeon Belle Refresh firmware, its most stable yet fast custom ROM / firmware for Nokia N8 so far.

      • Tanmoy Nath

        but phoenix not available in the weblink as provided.how do i proceed?

        • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

          Thanks for notifying, I just have updated the Phoenix download links. Now you can easily download phoenix from the links mentioned above.

  • Rajiv Kumar

    can some one please help me how to enable USB debugging in Nokia 808 Pureview ?

  • ketlord

    I cannot install video player it says expired cerifiate any solution??

  • Hr Solanki Shailesh

    Thank you very much Admin

    • http://www.n8fanclub.com/ N8FanClub-Admin

      You’re welcome my friend.