Guardian Platinum 4.0 AntiTheft Protection for Nokia N8

Guardian is an Advanced Antitheft Software for Mobile devices, it provides unique and powerful features:
– Sim Changed notification through Invisible sms
– Password Protection of messaging, gallery, contacts or every other application
– GPS Localization and Tracking through GoogleMaps
– optimized for Low Memory and Battery consumption
– and MUCH more…

Guardian Platinum is a free mobile application with the function of program-alarm system for your smartphone. Every time you turn on your smartphone, it will compare the number of inserted SIM-card with the number that you have specified in the program as the correct, “yours.” If the numbers are different, the program sends an alert SMS to the phone number that you have specified in advance as a contact in these circumstances.

In the reported SMS there is a phone number of the new owner, the network to which it is currently connected, the ID network base station, where the registered connection to the new number. Message is sent by a secret from the new owner of the phone.

Direct Download: (Make sure to have a look at Installation Tutorial inside download package, to get the full version.)