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Dictate Voice Recognition 2.81 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Dictate Voice Recognition Welcomes you to the new world of assisted voice recognition. Now You can speak text in Every Text Field of Your Nokia Symbian Phone! New languages: Russian, French, Dutch. With this app you'll have your secretary always on-the-go, it will read you messages, let you compose them, read and write events in calendar, open the ...

Bumblr Tumblr App 2.4.1 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Bumblr Tumblr App is a Qt/QML based Tumblr app for Nokia Symbian and MeeGo devices. It supports almost all the features that are provided by current Tumblr public API i.e., posting, reblog, editing, like-unlike follow-unfollow, tag search, etc. It is aimed to be a fully feature Tumblr client for Symbian and MeeGo platform. What's new? - Performance improvements - "Add ...

Notes Plus 1.0 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Notes Plus has a UNIQUE DESIGN & is a POWERFUL NOTES APP - Create groups of notes, in this way can be divided into personal, ideas, work, college, mails,inspiration, me, recipes, etc. - The notes can be marked as important. - Colorful notes - It has a character counter. - The text of the note you can change the font size, font ...

WhatsApp for New Nokia Asha 501, 500, 502 & 503 Direct Download

People can download WhatsApp for the new Nokia Asha 501, 500, 502 and 503 for free, following the over-the-air software update that will start to roll out this week. WhatsApp lets you message friends using your 2G or Wi-Fi connection, so you don’t pay SMS fees and keep costs as low as possible. After you download Whats App ...

Tessera Google Authenticator 1.0 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Tessera is a Google Authenticator equivalent for Symbian. What Tessera means? It means "ticket" in Latin, according to Google Translate. How does it work? It generates time-based one time passwords which you can use later for 2 stage verification. Direct Download: N8FanClub.com_Tessera_1.0_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Tessera_1.0_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Tessera_1.0_signed.sis N8FanClub.com_Tessera_1.0_signed.sis

HuellifSoft Locker 1.1.0 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

HuellifSoft Locker is a A simple shortcut to lock your phone. This app can extend the life of your lock key and works always. Hardware key and other lock apps don't work directly after a reboot, this app fixed it. Direct Download: N8FanClub.com_HuellifSoft_locker_v1.1.0_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_HuellifSoft_locker_v1.1.0_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_HuellifSoft_locker_v1.1.0_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_HuellifSoft_locker_v1.1.0_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis

Belle Windows StartMenu 1.30 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Belle Windows StartMenu and Extra Taskbars Gives your Nokia mobile a cool look with the new Auto-hide Extra Taskbar & Start Menu. Access your Favorite & Installed apps & control Music Player everywhere in your mobile & from Lock Screen. Use your own picture in the Start Menu & select one of many preloaded color Schemes. ...

QtYouDow 1.0 Best Quality YouTube Video Download for Nokia N8

QtYouDow is the Best quality Youtube Video Downloader app that is only capable to download the videos in MP4 video format that has best audio and video quality.Changelog by me (Mesut Aktaş) ; Interface, A lot of Qt/C++ code changed, Symbian phones compatible, App improved performance and some changes.Direct Download N8FanClub.com_QtYouDow_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_QtYouDow_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_QtYouDow_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_QtYouDow_1.0_unsigned.sis

Thor 2 The Dark World Game for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Become Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, as you battle Malekith and his Dark Elf army in the official game of Thor 2 The Dark World! Summon your mighty Asgardian allies into battle against the Elven invaders. Toss Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, for devastating attacks. Learn all the attack combos to defeat even the toughest foes. ...

MP3Kaydet MP3 Radio Recorder for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

MP3Kaydet MP3 Radio Recorder is a very cool application that helps to record device audio as mp3. You can also record FM radio with the help of this application. This tool records all sounds of your device, e.g. the radio. This app is compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle smartphones. Changelog: - Interface Changed - Improved Performance Direct Download: N8FanClub.com_Mp3_Radio_Recorder_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Mp3_Radio_Recorder_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Mp3_Radio_Recorder_1.0_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Mp3_Radio_Recorder_1.0_unsigned.sis