Concept: Nokia Asha 508 Reflects a Real Mini Nokia N9

Nokia Asha 508 - Mini Nokia N9

When I saw the Nokia Asha 501 I was very impressed with it’s fluid user interface design, the perfect 3″ screen size and it’s use of robust materials. The thing I missed was 3G, but thankfully it’s now here on the 503. If Nokia ever comes to build a successor to the Nokia 503 in the future, I wish they could include the following in Nokia Asha 508:

Nokia Asha 508 Specs (Real Nokia N9 Mini)
-1.5 gz processor
-512 ram
-5mp autofocus camera
-720p hd video @ 30fps
-forward facing 1.3mp camera 720p @ 30fps
-a-gps support
-ambient sensor
-proximity sensor, gyro, compass
-192 ppi pixel density screen
-320 x 480 pixels
-strong support for HTML 5
& deletion of the capacitive back button that is currently on the 503.

I think the next model should encompass the same navigation gestures as we had on the beautiful Nokia N9, and the only buttons that should be included are the volume rocker and a lock/power key. And in this case, the screen size could probably be increased to 3.2″ inches, to fill in the space in place of the back button.

I envisage the physical design to be like the N9, pillow shaped, (I know, I’m getting over the top here lol). The same poly-carbonate with a matte finish that’s just thick enough to cushion against your palms…I really am dreaming!

These specs could really go a long way to effectively support multitasking and performance of resource intensive apps like HERE navigation, Instagram, ever-note, skydrive, Skype, WhatsApp, Vine, YouTube etc. I understand this phone is targeted at the lower price point for the emerging markets, but I’m sure consumers would be more than willing to pay the extra to have these features. Please do this Nokia, please…

P.S. Please tell me what you think of my mock-up of what I think the new design should be like. Thank you. (An Article by: Mujtaba Shah)