Mask Browser 1.0 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Mask Browser App Allows User To Access A page on web anonymously, View Source Code Of that page, Or just View it Normally using a Nokia smartphone.

So how does it work exactly?
This app is just a client side requirement. This app connects to a page on KazySoft website and that page takes care of rest. This took me long time to code. There may be some bugs.

This Free version will be ad-free for limited time. after that I will put ads in it. Donators can Get Pro version with extended features. (definitely without ads.)

At this moment, Donations are not available.
Pro Version still needs more work.

Advanced Description:
This app client side is coded in QML and HTML. The Server Side Is Coded in PHP and HTML. When making this hard part was coding core, engine and shell where this app connects to. On server side there are 2 things, Shell with engine and core. Core is build with curl function. Core passes down retrieved data to shell. Shell has an engine that processes that data and passes it to client app. Then app shows the data to user. The core files are placed on different servers in different country which allows a new pro feature, for donators to work. With this pro feature, donators can select which anonymous server he/she wants to use to access that page.

If you’d like to support me hit the green arrow . Smiley It really helps a lot Smiley

Known Bugs:
Redirecting isn’t supported yet.
history and cookie management is not working yet.
page browser is still in alpha and make some pages look bad.
choice of navigation bar only works on page browser mode.
these bugs will be fixed in few days or weeks.