Star Web Browser 1.40 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Star Web Browser for Nokia is a new and colorful QML powered browser, it comes with Bookmarks, Customizable Homepage, Share Area, Special Bookmark manager, great user settings, Special search box with 5 engine options, 100% Fullscreen mode and last but not least the the UI can be changed from a range of colors.

Changelog for Star Browser v1.40

Brand spanking new Settings area with simpler and better organised Tabbed sections:


Pinch To Zoom
Show Images
Javascript enabled
Javascript can access clipboard
Scroll Button enabled
NEW- Auto Check for network- This is a new feature which checks if the network connection is active every five minuets and notifies the user if it isn’t active.
Clear Cookies
NEW- Select a User Agent- This is a new feature which allows you to change the browsers User Agent from a list of popular Mobile and Desktop User Agents ON THE GO.
Select a search engine

The following settings require a App restart:
Volume Key Scrolling
Restore Last Session
Lite Mode
NEW- Night Cover Time Checker- This is a new feature which after 21:00 hours will ask the user if you would like to turn on the night cover to reduce the glare, you see at Allstar Software we care for our users, we wouldn’t want you getting a headache from using our Browser.
Long Press Menus Enabled- This option now saves your preferred Setting
Reset Star Browser
NEW-Auto Reload Duration- This is a new feature which allows the user to choose from a list how long they want Star Browser to between Auto Reloads

Floating Button Colour
ToolBar Colour
Progress Bar Colour- Two Pink options now fixed, second one is actually “Violet”
Banner Colour


Enable-Disable Restricted mode
Change Password
Ask for Password on startup
Reset Private & Security Settings


Info on contacting me, third party credits and version number

TIPS (Top Toolbar)

It is highly recommended to read the Tips here, it shows the user how to use special features and explains others


Auto Reload feature added as requested

Copy Source Code To Clipboard Menu option added, since exporting it directly to the system doesn’t work.

GSM reception now shows “Null” if there is no reading instead of “-1”

Search The Web Box animations fixed and now saves last search term

Share Area now has two more options to share a website with friends, now consists of:

Text Message

Menu changed slightly, now Auto Reload, share and Copy Source code options will only appear once a URL is actually opened

Tips Dialogs layout fixed, no longer look messy

Clear Text Button Animations fixed

Bookmark 15 Delete Text restore fixed

Floating Back button changes to stop button when loading