Lightbulb IM 0.2.1 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

Lightbulb IM is a free XMPP client based partially on MeegIM (at the beggining, I just thought about porting it, but ended up rewriting and fixing and also breaking almost half of it, lol). Written using Qt and QtQuick, with qxmpp library. It’s in alpha stage, so bear in mind, that there might be bugs, crashes etc. Developed by: pisarz1958.

Features and stuff
– sending, receiving messages
– hiding offline contacts
– notifications (discreet popup, notification led, vibration, and sound)
– partial multi account support (you can add multiple ones, but only one can be enabled)
– removing, adding, renaming contacts
– VCard (partially, can read, can’t write)
– … and maybe more, but I can’t remember if this stuff works anyway Cheesy
– first run wizard

Known issues
– no true multi account support
– widget needs reworking (but works anyway)

Direct Download