PureFix (PhotProc) 1.70 Photo Editing App for Nokia N8

Photproc (PureFix) is a photo editing application for Symbian, written in Qt. It’s especially designed for the Pureview 808 smartphone, however works with all Symbian^3 smartphones. It lets you edit photographs up to very high resolutions. The editing tools are primarily aimed at amateur photographers, so: filtering for different light levels, colours etc. You can’t do things like paint on top of photographs or combine 2 photographs together. This application is slow in processing but its very stable. Installer size of this app is around 2 MB that made us excited, however upon having a deep look inside the installer package revealed that, there are some high resolution images within the installer that have increased installer’s size. Without those high resolution sample images, installer is just 850KB. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.

– Crop
– Resize
– Adjust the weight parameters, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, color, shadows, lights and more.
– Noise Reduction
– Levels
– Support for multi-touch
– Etc.

Change log: 1.70:

  • This version uses the GPU to accelerate previews and speeds up a few other operations. There’s a new “autumnal” look as well.
  • New features: Presets (very basic for now), some basic Film-filter-settings (work in progress really) and some improvements to existing filters and user interface. Let me know what you think.

Change log: 1.0:
Fixed: a bug in “de-noise” crept into the last version, which is fixed here
Added: Shows error messages in main menu for loading and saving errors
Fixed: Sometimes takes a long time to exit

0.9.8: Fixed: Colour conversion from JPEG into application
Added: “Exposure” setting (which does a linear multiply of intensity)
Added: Open Page now has a full-screen view of the gallery
Added: Button on “file” page to switch between preview and original view
Changed: The buttons for the UI to use icons instead of text.

– Added: “Saturation curve” slider which changes saturation of unsaturated colours
– Added: “Dynamic colour space” slider which changes the dynamic effects from linear to CIELAB
– Changed the shadows and highlights sliders to work a bit better
– Fixed the contrast slider to work a bit better with dark colours
– Added feature to open images from the file system instead of the gallery
– Altered the exit option to wait for all worker threads to complete
– Restructured some of the filter code to do luminance map separately and be able to be color space converted

Direct Download: