How to Close or Kill Stuck Up Applications on Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones with KillMe 1.36 – Signed App Download

Close / Kill / Terminate Stuck Apps on Nokia N8 with Kill Me 1.36 - Free Download - Nokia Store

KillMe is a Nokia N8 and Symbian Belle’s task manager which groups the running processes (including the hidden ones) on your phone according to whether it really needs them to keep running. It’s the easiest way to close stuck programs that can’t be killed from Symbian’s built-in task manager. You can also use it to close non-essential processes to free some memory if you’re running low. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle / Refresh / FP1 & FP2 smartphones.

The latest version of KillMe has less bugs, can terminate tasks with the delete key, has a “panic” tab, and can kill processes automatically at startup, At default state, the process will be shown in the “Killed” area. Some of the processes may require to be terminated more than 3 times to really stop, so users need to refresh the list to confirm the process termination.

This area stores removable processes.You can move unwanted process to this area.Also you can easily terminate all processes.

When you can’t make sure a process can be ended or not, you can put it here.

If termination of a process causes mobile reboot, instability or wasted energy, then the process will be put here. Only the author can maintain this list.

Killed and not running software will be shown here. You can restart it.