Situations 2.0.4 App Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones Free Download

Situations is an application that ties your Symbian Smart Phone more into your life. It senses the situation you are in and adapts to that. With Situations you can set your device to go silent when your are in a business meeting or sleeping at night, have weather forecast for the day ready for you in the morning, or have your check-in app at your fingertips when you are at your favorite rendezvous! We believe that the best interface is no interface. Every day, we change the behavior of our phone. In fact, it should change its behavior by what we do and where we are. With Situations you can set your device to go silent, open news app, extend its battery life, and respond to calls with a SMS. When: Time, Calendar, Accessory, Battery, Network Cells, Connectivity, Location. What: Profile, Theme, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, BT, Power Save, SMS Reply, Send SMS, Launch, Close. As a quick bonus we added new feature, the possibility to reply with SMS also to everybody, not just people in your Contacts.

Change-log 2.0.4
  • New UI
  • Engine to allow multiple situation at once
  • Improved NFC, BT Conditions
  • Improved Network Mode Reliability
  • Fixed SMS Reply Issues
  • Fixed some issues found in different conditions and actions
  • Improved contact selection in sending SMS
  • The ability to select a different calendar
  • Added shutdown alerts Situations
  • Brightness control
  • mode control network
  • Support NFC (only compatible device)
  • downloadable languages
  • better performance and a host of optimizations
  • Advanced mode:
  • negative conditions
  • action settings (delay, recovery).
  • Enabling localization: application
  • menu, select “Update localisation” and
  • restart the application. Will be
  • downloaded from the Internet (if
  • available) and localization of activated,
  • the corresponding language in your phone menu.