Pause and Resume Movies with filMark 1.2 on Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

New app filMark extends the internal video-player functionality making the video viewing process more comfortable. The application remembers the position in the video where you stopped to watch it. And when you start this video with your multimedia player next time the application will wind this video forward to the position. Don’t waste your time searching the moment when you stopped to watch the video last time. filMark will do it for you!

The application stores all the data about all the viewed videos. If you delete the video the according record is deleted too. If you had watched the video to its end (or final titles) the record will be cleared. Next time you will watch this video from its beginning.

It is easy to handle the application. You have to start the app and turn it on by pressing the large button in the middle of the screen. After that the application starts to watch the video player and will make your life a bit more comfortable!