Catwalk – Lighter & Thinner Successor of Nokia Lumia 920 with Aluminium expected in Mid May 2013

High End Lumia 920 Successor with Aluminum Construction
Super Light & Thinner Lumia 920 Successor with Aluminium Construction

The Verge reports Nokia is currently working on a high end Lumia 920’s successor device with aluminium construction which would be super light and much thinner as compared with current Nokia Lumia 920 and that would be made available for the end users in mid May 2013 (Rumored date: 15th of May, 2013). The device is codenamed as Catwalk.┬áPoly-carbonate body had been used in most of the Lumia Smart Phones from Nokia, moving towards aluminium construction similar to Nokia N8 would bring the Finnish company in good old days when they were able to compete with Apple’s iPhone 4 and other latest devices of their time.

You can expect Windows 8 based lighter, thinner & aluminium build successor of Nokia Lumia 920 later this year. Hope the upcoming device will help Nokia to get stable enough & keep bringing the spectacular & stunning devices with super awesome build quality.