Webview Widget 21.0.35 for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Signed Widget Download

The Webview widget allows you to see up-to-date web page view directly on your homescreen. You can zoom and pan your favourite page so that a piece of it becomes part of the homescreen. After setting up the view, just swiping to the homescreen loads & updates the view, as does activating the phone from standby if the widget is visible in the current homescreen page. Compatible with Belle Refresh / FP1 / FP2 Smart Phones.

Supported devices
Webview widget is available for Belle, Belle Refresh, Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP1) and Belle Feature Pack 2 (FP2).

The Belle version should be 111.030.0608 or later (112… or 113…). You can check the version of your phone by dialling **#0000#.

If the version is not supported, you will see a compatibility warning during installation, and you will may see only a blank screen when trying to add the widget to homescreen. In this case press application key or red-key to exit the blank screen and uninstall the Webview widget.

Getting started
After installing, add a Webview widget to homescreen. This launches a webview selector, which you use to browse to a web page, zoom and position the view. When the selection is accepted, the widget is added to the homescreen.

Uninstallation instructions:
Manually uninstall “Webview widget” package from the installed applications.
Reboot the device

Problem solving:
In case you observe any issues with homescreen, please try to uninstall this package and see if you can reproduce the issue. In any case, please create a bug report to the forum and specify the use case and give the requested information about the setup.

Update 2013-02-28: version 20.0.35 is now available, including the following bug fixes and enhancements: Progress bar for background refresh Cookie support for logins Fragment navigation on selector