Tweetian Twitter 1.8.3 Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Free App Download

Tweetian is an amazing and feature-rich Twitter app for Nokia N8 & other Symbian Belle smartphones. It has a simple, fluid and beautiful user interface, combined with lot of features to provide you an amazing user experience for accessing Twitter from your smartphones. Features Simple 3 swipe-able homescreens. Tweetian doesn’t has any complicated user interface – once you signed in, Tweetian immediately shows you the 3 main swipe-able homescreens – Timeline, Mentions and Direct Messages. You can switch the homescreen easily by just swiping left or right, or you can also click on the top header bar, which allow you accessing your timeline, mentions or DMs in a easier and faster way. Integrated third party services plugin. Tweetian support viewing many tweet image services: TwitPic, MobyPicture, Twitter, yFrog, Molome, Imgur, 9GAG, Instagram, TwitGoo, and Flickr.

Tweetian also support tweet translation – powered by Microsoft Translator API. Other third party services integrated in Tweetian are TwitLonger, Pocket and Instapaper. Compose new tweet easily. Just click on the “pencil” icon at the home page, and you can start writing your tweet in a big text field – to allow easy editing. It also have @mentions and #hashtag autofill – it will show up as soon as you type “@” or “#”. You can also add location and image to your tweet easily by just pressing on the button below. Currently supported image upload services are Twitter, TwitPic, MobyPicture and For Harmattan version, you can also easily tweet what’s the currently playing song name and artist in the Music Player by just pressing on the #NowPlaying button – without any typing. Platform Compatibility Symbian^3, Anna, Belle, Belle Refresh, Belle FP1 and FP2.

– Swiping left and right in the home page to quickly access your timeline, mentions and DMs
– Compose new tweet, retweet or reply with autofill for @mentions and #hashtags
– Integrated image viewer
– View trending topics and search for tweets
– View tweet location, conversation & translation

Changelog v1.8.2:
Bugs fix:

  • Fix some bugs in DM
  • Fix non-ASCII hashtags is not linked (eg. Russian hashtags)
  • Fix autocompleter for screen name not populated from Timeline/Mentions
  • Correct some spelling/grammar error
  • Fix not able to preview 9GAG image correctly


  • Harmattan: database and thumbnails caches will be remove after uninstall
  • Remove the long press menu for saved search in Treding & Search page
  • Remove pull down to refresh in Suggested User Categories page
  • Add support for Flickr url without “www” (eg.
  • Add link for cashtag (eg. $NOK)
  • Add support for displaying image for direct image url (url that ends with .jpg/.png/.gif)
  • Change sign in system, which use external web browser to sign in to Twitter
  • Update translations

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