AnyBrowser 0.4.2 Web Browser for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

Qt based Anybrowser for Nokia Symbian smartphones developed by LucasFacana has been updated to v0.4.1. Its the smallest web browser ever in terms of installation size which is just 44KB. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.

– New configuration page (annoyed when mode Landscape, setting …).
– Some fixes in C + + by request.
– Impact on home page when loading (loading icon).
– Invisible to Toolbar zooming.
– New icon (a little weird, I’m not good with photo editing).
– Default Favicon URL field.

Changelog 0.4.1 – 0.4.2: 
– Google page bug doesn’t happens anymore (I think that Google fixed it).
– You can restore the last page that you visited when start.
– UI Changes for better screen use.
– URL Field bigger
– Page save option (not working for load but the page is saved in the install folder)
– YouTube Working.
– New SplashScreen & Neon Style & (added for E6 too)
– Header effect when zooming.

Known bugs:
(1) Problems pinched zoom (Fixed).
(2) Virtual Keyboard sometimes does not close (Bug Qt).
(3) Some controls are in the CWB invisible.

List of events:
[1] Favorites (50% Done)
– Page name instead of the URL (Done)
[2] Download Manager.
[3] Tabs.
[4] Setting proxies.
[5] Topics (Probably?).