Nokia Connectivity Analyzer 1.0 for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

Do you have hard times to understand why your WLAN connection is not working at home? Nokia Connectivity Analyzer provides three kinds of utilities to diagnose and analyze WLAN and Packet Data connections. Updated to version 1.0.0

Support available for Belle, Belle Refresh, Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP1 and Belle Feature Pack 2 (FP2)

New Features:

  • WLAN Scanner
  • Belle UI updates

Fixed issues:

  • Better installation of IP Packet Capture (pcap)
  • WLAN statistics in Observer are not gathered if connection is not opened with the application
  • Network/System time updates mixes the time of the events in observer
  • Sometimes UI is not painted correctly when changing orientation or view
  • There are some problems with the focus of buttons when moving between different views (Not relevant since this version is for touch devices only)
  • Symbian^3 with some devices the view is painted wrongly after orientation change
  • Connectivity handling fixes for some jamming scenarios

Connection Diagnostic Test
Connection Diagnostics part is responsible of performing following test:
    L2 level connection (WLAN/Packet Data connection)
    L3 level connection (IP layer)
    Automatic Ping (ICMP Echo) tests to
        Default Gateway
        Domain Name Server 1
        Domain Name Server 2
    Automatic Get Host by Name test (DNS)

After the tests are performed the applications shows results of the tests and details of the connection such as IP address configuration, WLAN connection information, Ping statistics and Get Host by Name results. In case the test failes, description about the problem is generated based on the failure reasons. Relevant information is displayed on UI, but details are stored into a log file.

Connection Observer

  • Graphical presentation of WLAN signal strength, events, states, Tx error rate, FCS errors
  • Graphical presentation of Packet Data signal strength and event
  • Displays IP configurations and IP packet statistics for WLAN interface
  • Displays WLAN connection information, WLAN roaming counters, WLAN frame statistics, WLAN black list
  • Capability to stores the log into a cvs file, which can be opened e.g.with Microsoft Excel for further analyzation.
  • Utility to configure the event gathering
  • Displays Event Statistics in 24 hour window
  • User markers can be created to the log
  • Note. All events are not drawn to UI
  • IP Packet capture

Ping Utility

  • Provide UI to perform Ping test to given hostname or IP address
  • Ping configurations
  • Capability to store ping log into a text file

All log files are stored into conndiag folder of C drive (phone memory).

WLAN Scanner

  • Provide UI to scan and view Wi-Fi networks and basestations level
  • List view: All basestations (BBSID) in a SSID is grouped showing Wi-Fi channel and signal strength associated with the specific basestation
  • Graphical view: Shows approximate Wi-Fi channel distribution.

Known issues
Log files are stored into C drive which may cause the C drive run out of memory