Mohican 1.2 Nokia 808 PureView Belle FP2 CFW

From the creators of Xeon custom firmware for Nokia N8, here comes another superb custom firmware / custom cooked ROM for Nokia 808 PureView. Mohican is one of the finest custom ROM for your Nokia 808 PureView that is based upon Belle FP2 v113.010.1508. We just have flashed this amazing & lightening fast firmware on our Nokia 808 PureView and we are loving it. Mohican 1.2 Nokia 808 PureView Belle FP2 CFW

Warning & Disclaimer: Using a custom firmware on your device might turn to be risky. We won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong by following our tutorial guides. THIS CFW WILL ONLY WORK WITH NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW, DO NOT TRY IT ON ANY OTHER DEVICE.

Languages: This custom firmware only supports English and Italian for writing & text prediction, however it can read many languages.

113.010.1508 – Mohican 1.2
-Fix Mod Conversations Style
-Update User Guide ( Xeon Tool )
-Add DomainSrv for RP+
-Update reparto condivisone Foto
-Update QT Webkit
-Update ColorizeIT
-Vari fix
-Update UDA Database
-Fix RSC files -Other minor fix

-Update Theme Nokia Evolve S^5
-Update User Guide ( Xeon Tool )
-Update +System+ Tool
-Fix system font
-Fix Mod MIF
-Added new widgets
-Fix update notifications
-Update Widget HTC
-Fix compatibility with some apps
-Other minor fix

Integrated Apps
RomPatcher+ FP2

Best ScreenSnap  3.01

WinRar 1.01

GPS Position

Nokia Store 3.30.018

MyID Switch

Info RAM

Deleted from automatic startup:
Gallery Photo-Video-Music:
-Quick search of Multimedia contents
-Files received in E:\FilesBT\
-Editable in C:\Animations\
– splashscreen.mif: Boot Image
– Sartup.mbm : Startup Animation
– sysap.mif : Shutdown Animation
– Suono.aac: Startup Sound
-Database T9 in E:\Predic\
-Smilies in all menù
-4 Extra Symbol pages
Menu :
-New reorganization of Icons/Folders
-Integrated Nokia Maps Suite
System Mods:
-Symbol in shutdown menu and profile
-Active Diverts Note disabled
-Cache Browser in E:\System\Cache\ @30MB
-Global heap size 32MB
-Mod Kinetic Scrolling
-Installserver in Z:
-Available Languages+T9=  ITA/ENG
-Swicertstore 20 Caps (FreeSignCert)
-Fota Cache deactivated
-SwiPolicy (All Capabilities)
-Better management GUI-Effects
-Better Quality of Voice Recorder
-Volume Music Player 90%
-Number Max Homescreen: 8
-Improved Tactile Feedback
-Improved Rotation speed
-Improve FPS in Video Call
-Improved sensitivity of Voice Commands
-Better management system popup
-XcapCache Mod
-Notifications USB OnTheGo deactivated
-Actived vibration during call
-Improved cache for C:/E:/F:
-Speed improvement when Open/Close an apps
-You can edit/add Preset EQ
-You can edit song metedata
-Available 20 Preset in EQ
-Default management of .RAR/MIF/PDF/DOC/DOCX
-You can delete first Homescreen
-Adobe Reader preconfigured
-You can disable JAVA Permissions
-API Notifications Package integrated
-You can rename the name of apps
-Sms MyNokia deactivated
-Connections WLAN\Data Rete Mobile Off
-Send protect files by BlueTooth/Message
-Option in Log Call :999 days
-Dialer key *=Open RomPatcher+
-Dialer key 0=Open FileManager
-IntegratedQT IAP
-System wall available from Gallery
-New installed apps in Menu->New Apps
-Directory Effects C:\Animations\Effects
-Photo-Video editor in ROFS
-Direct editor of Photo-Video from Gallery
-Widget/Icons reorganized in Landscape
-Theme Nokia Evolve S^5
-RAM on Boot 300+ MB
-Free space in Drive C:  600+ MB
-New style for Toggle Widgets
-Added 23 new Widgets
-Mod Layout Keyboard S^3/FP2
-Nuovi Screen Saver disponibili
-Added Sound Improvements 3.5
-Unlimited SMS retries
-Popup Connection not available deactivated
-You can rename all Profiles
-Added Vibration in Call
-New system Font
-Integrated Fix WiFi
-You can create Sub-Folder
-Widgets name reorganization
-Modded QT Popup and Popup Fader
-Added new Patches for RP+
-Update User Guide (XeonTool)
-Enabled Web search icon in App Search
-Updated all third party apps
+Mod SIS files in E:\Tool\

How to Flash this Custom Firmware on your Nokia 808 PureView?

How to flash Nokia 808 PureView with Phoenix – Flashing Custom or Official Firmware
This tutorial guide will help you to flash your Nokia 808 PureView with Phoenix under Windows XP / Vista / Seven / Eight either with custom firmwares or official firmwares in case you have messed up your phone’s firmware during the official update process either via Nokia Suite or due to any other reason.
Warning: Follow this guide at your own risk, in case anything goes wrong with your device, N8 Fan Club will not be held responsible. We have tested this process several times and it worked for us 100%. We have created the video tutorial guide, watch the video carefully and follow the simple steps. If you are not familiar with the terms like: Phoenix, NaviFirm, Nokia Suite, Flashing, Dead USB Flashing, this guide isn’t for you! This flashing guide is also applicable for other Symbian Belle / Nokia Belle smart phones, including N8, E7, C7, E6, X7, 500, C6-01, 701, 603, 700 and 808. (If you are going to flash any other smart phone using this tutorial guide, make sure to change the firmware’s RM folder accordingly. RM version can be found on your phone’s back under the battery. For 808 its RM-807, for N8, its RM-596 and for others please locate it yourself) Mohican 1.2 Nokia 808 PureView Belle FP2 CFW

Steps to follow:

  • Download and install latest Nokia Suite (skip this step if your PC has already latest version installed)
  • Download and install latest Phoenix Service Suite 2012.24.000.48366_latest.exe
    • (Make sure to Disable Anti-Virus Application on your Windows based PC to avoid dongle errors)
  • Download Custom Firmware (Skip this step if you have to flash Official Firmware)
    N8FanClub.com_Mohican_1.2_113.010.1508_Nokia_808_PureView.rar (192 MB)
    N8FanClub.com_Mohican_1.2_113.010.1508_Nokia_808_PureView.rar (192 MB)
    N8FanClub.com_Mohican_1.2_113.010.1508_Nokia_808_PureView.rar (192 MB)
  • Official Firmware Firmware Flashing (Skip this step if you have to flash custom firmware)
    You can download the default firmware either with NaviFirm (download the official firmware after looking-up for your device’s product code by dialing *#0000# from the dialer – Also make sure that you can only flash latest firmware, you cannot flash any previous version of the firmware. Firmware version is important here. For instance you had Firmware version 111.010.1508, you cannot flash 111.010.1507 on your device. You can only flash v111.010.1508 or above.)
  • Place the official or custom firmware files in one of the following paths according to your Windows version.
    • For Windows 32bit version: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-807\
    • For Windows 64bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-807\
  • Run the Phoenix on your Windows PC and follow further steps from the video tutorial

If Refurbish button doesn’t let you proceed further due to some errors, you can also use Software Reset button in Phoenix.

We have shown two ways of flashing in our video tutorial:

1. USB Flashing in Nokia Suite Mode (your 808 PureView must be powered ON and connected via USB cable in Nokia Suite Mode)
2. Dead USB Flashing – usually used when you have messed up your device flashing the custom firmware (your 808 PureView must be switched-off, you must not connect the USB cable until and unless there appears a dialog box as shown below, once this dialog box pops up, immediately plug in the USB cable and at once push the power button on your device and then HIT OK, flashing process would initiate suddenly)

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