PVN v5 – Belle FP2 – Custom ROM for Nokia 808 PureView (113.010.1508) with many addons – Download & Flashing Tutorial

PVN913 has just released updated custom firmware (Custom ROM – PVN CFW v5.0 – based on latest Belle FP2 – 113.010.1508) for Nokia 808 PureView. This Belle FP2 Custom ROM offers your Nokia 808 PureView with following addons:

Change-logs PVN v5 CFW – Nokia 808 PureView
– Languages: English and Hindi Only

– 295+ MB Free RAM On Boot.

– 650+ Mb Free on C Drive (More free space on UDA If your using a cleaned UDA)

– Anna Notification Widget Added
– A lot of Toggle Widgets, Clocks and Splash screen are modified
– Dark Background for Keyboard (Now even In landscape mode)
– Evolve Pro Edition Theme (Many custom Icons) set as Default. 
– Music Player, Animation and Slideshow screensavers added from N8.
– Theme Effects are off by Default (Copy from z:\resource\effects to C:\resource\Effects & Reboot to enable)
– Theme effects location C:\resource\Effects
– Task Switcher will open faster
– Predictive data will be saved on E Drive
– Sound Parameters changed
– Java Permission Mod by Coderus
– Modified Meego messaging conversation
– Modified sysap.exe by iChris701
– Logs are saved even after SIM change.
– Unlimited sms retries
– charger notes disabled
– volume popups disabled
– browser queries and network queries disabled
– Power Saving Mode auto switch Disabled
– Power Saving Mode notes disabled
– Modified Pop Up fader and Qt Popup
– Installserver with Log from rofs (Helps in installing unsigned apps, upgrades etc)
– 12 Menu Mod (Original Mod witcher3, Modded by Me)
– Audio quality recording will be 256kbps while Video recording at 720p/1080p
– Recorder Audio at 256 Kbps
– All profile renaming ability
– Editable equalizer in Music Player
– Editable Metadata editing for Songs in Music Player
– Extra Widgets (Digital Clock Transparent, Profile Transparent, Contact Communications, Small DLNA Server, Small Wifi, Small Text Clock, Small Music Player, Mini Contact with Name, FP1 Search Widget)
– App renaming possible in Menu
– Create Sub Folders in Menu
– Disable Pop-Up when No Connection available
– Site Query Pop Up Disabled
– Renamed Widgets
– SMS sending to Nokia after flash is not removed
– Added ROM Patcher 3.1 with New Icon + All Working Patches (Copied to E:\Patches on first Boot)
– Added Kill Me, AppStop to ROM
– Read system folders from Default Browser
– Call Duration and Call After Summary On by Default
– Only English in Message reader
– Heap size & closing delay modified
– More ram for apps (v6)
– Modified swipolicy.ini (Improved RAM’s cleaning speed)
– Phone as Modem moved to Rofs
– CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Battery-life
– Tactile Feedback in Call (3 Vibrations)
– Vibrate on call waiting
– Send protected files from default file browser
– GPRS/Wifi Connection in Log
– Custom animation/sound from E:\Animation (Copied on First boot)
– Modified Gallery and Music folder scan Locations
– Unlimited Home screens
– Can delete default homescreen
– HomeScreens re-arranged, 6 Screens with beautiful wallpapers on First Boot.
– Replaced the existing fonts with N9 (Supports Hindi also)
– Cache Drivers Optimized
– Renamed a few widgets and Apps
– Modified startup programs
– Wifi Beta labs updated to Rofs
– Removed some unnecessary mods from rofs3
– Updated Nokia Store
– Log extended (999 Days)
– A lot of other settings like wifi off by default, Dolby on by default etc.

For Original Nokia Boot and sound:
Deleted files and restart:
– C:\Private\10202be9\101F8763.txt
– C:\Private\10202be9\persists\101F8763.cre
Removed Apps
– All Microsoft APPS
– JoikuSpot Light
– Psiloc World Traveler
– Nokia Recommends
– NFC Tutorials
– Wallpapers

How to Flash this Custom Firmware on your Nokia 808 PureView?
Credits: PVN913 (Contact him on TwitterThe One (Daniel, some mods are taken from his cfw, he also helped PVN913 a lot with some tips/information) iChris701 (Many of these mods are done by him) nicesoni_ash, Jnx_r, CodeRUS, iExtra, Sklchan, satiro, Ancelad, strategist, Red X, chillerhippie, Robo3737, M4C351, huellif, Cahjoss, Blade, Slayer, selvasathyam, Sirrieq, dhdesigner

Warning: Using a custom firmware on your device might turn to be risky. We won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong by following our tutorial guides. THIS CFW WILL ONLY WORK WITH NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW, DO NOT TRY IT ON ANY OTHER DEVICE. 

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