Pep Mp3 Downloader 1.0.6 – Nokia N8 – Belle – App Download

“Downloading music from your mobile” Pep! Downloader allows you to download MP3 music DIRECTLY to your mobile phone in MP3 format. Just have to search for the song you want, wait until you see the results list and download whatever you want. You can connect to the internet via your WiFi or your mobile operator. The downloads are performed Site. When this site changes the structure of operating the program stops working. That is why you should always be updated to the latest version of this software. Pep! Mp3 Downloader is compatible with Symbian S60v3 S60v5 S ^ 3 Anna-Belle. This program is completely free and should not be used to download copyrighted music.

v1.03 – 1.06:

The search works again

– This is a file wgz … How do I install?
WGZ files are called “Nokia Web Runtime Widgets” and installed like any file system. Sending it to the phone via Bluetooth or cable, or with the Nokia PC Suite.

– Is the program available in my language?
The program is available in the languages ​​listed above. The program detects the language set on your phone and is available in that language, the texts are displayed in that language. If not, the text is displayed in English.
Not all phones support autodetection of language, in this case the text is displayed in English.

– I’ve installed but do not see the icon for any site where is it?
Fixture Installation After the program icon does not have to appear at the very end. May appear between the icons of the programs you already have installed. Looking good.

– That ugly interface!
I’m a programmer, not a graphic designer. Still I will improve it.

– How does it work?
The startup program shows the “about”. To start searching, touch the terminals must click the icon to the center of the bottom bar (the magnifying glass). On keypad terminals, you must press the left and select “search mp3”. Now search screen appears. Select the text field to type the desired text and press the start search button touchscreen terminals, or select the “search” with the left button on the keypad terminals.
May appear several pages of results, you can browse them using the “back” and “next”.
When you select an item from the results, if the text does not fit in the box, it automatically scrolls so you can read the full title. If you want to download you must click on that box (touchscreen terminals) or press “OK” on the keyboard (not touch terminals).

– Where to store the downloaded mp3?
The program really does not download the mp3, but this task is the “boss” to your mobile web browser, for both of whom this is really depends download path. You can find them in e: \ system \ dmgr \ xxx \ contents in e: \ download or in e: \ data \ download.

– The mp3 download I just have a rare name why?
This software uses the page to download the mp3 Those names are what has put that page, it’s normal. You can change them once downloaded.

– Is the software free?
This program was created for fun, not a commercial program, much less profit. It’s free.

– If it’s free, does that mean that the music is downloaded too?
Absolutely not. You should only use this program to download music you’ve uploaded yourself. And you should not upload copyrighted content or any other content over which they have permission.

– How do you connect to the internet?
Like any other software on your phone, it connects via WiFi or Internet connection with your operator. When connecting with your carrier, the costs to be applied shall be as indicated in your rate.

– How do you connect to WIFI? Do not get it!
How to connect is not defined in the program, but in the settings of your phone. Read the manual, there is explained very well.

– The program went well and has suddenly stopped working, why?
The program performs downloads. A failure or a change to this page would cause the program to stop working. If the program stops working for change on this page, possibly suited to regain functionality. In that case, would be available in this post. Check this site for future updates.