Nokia’s first Windows 8 RT 10 Inches Tablet to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2013

Nokia Windows 8 RT Tablet - 10 Inches
Nokia Windows 8 RT Tablet – 10 Inches

Nokia is currently working on its Windows 8 RT tablet device. Microsoft, Qualcomm & Compal Electronics are involved in itsĀ development. It will be most probably having 10 inches display and a dual core Qualcomm processor chip inside. The RT version of Windows 8 is designed for ARM based processors and doesn’t have support for legacy full version applications of Windows like in normal x86 based PC architecture. It is supposed to run the mobile version apps for Windows Phone.

Nokia’s head of design, Marko Ahtisaari has been working on its design, who had previously delivered excellent Nokia N9 and Lumia’s design. Nokia might not reveal this tablet at CES 2013, however it is expected to be revealed in Mobile World Congress (25-28 February 2013) along with some exciting smart phones from Nokia. There will be 200,000 initial shipments of Nokia’s Windows 8 RT tablet and AT&T is planning to stock Nokia’s first upcoming tablet next year.