Auto-On 4.0 – Nokia Belle – Signed – App Download

Auto On allows you to configure the application from the list of Nokia mobile structures, you want to start when you turn the phone activates automatically selected and autorun applications running at startup. However, after leaving the use of the phone to the main screen during operation, the program continues in the background with the background operation of the selected applications, the data is stored in a state of alertness and lethargy.

The downside of the app:

  • Abundance advertising continues.
  • Requires an Internet connection for the supply of advertising.
  • Several Internet connection requests that put the nerves.

Operation for opening the app:

1. Please “Click” on the icon of the app. 2. The program requires an internet connection, which is always rejected. 3. During the connection request to start the application, wait a bit ’till you see a large icon of the type of window advertising> press “Skip” and access the app. 4. Appear banner and access options: Press the “Remind me later” and it is accessed. 5. Cancel all requests for multiple Internet that appear. He continued as a bug (bug NetQin). 6. For any work on the app, will the flags,> click “Continue.” Exit: To exit the app, as at the beginning> “Exit”, refusing to link and wait until you leave the square,> click “Go”.. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.