Paybyway 1.0.6 – Signed – Nokia N8 – Belle Refresh – FP1 – FP2 – Free Download

Mobile app for Paybyway merchants for your Nokia Symbian Smart Phones.


  1. Enter the payment amount
  2. Swipe the credit card
  3. Customer authorizes  the payment
  4. Send a receipt  via email or SMS
  5. Manage transaction with our Merchant Tools 


  1. Better service for clients and convenience for you
  2. Attract additional customers by accepting cards
  3. Reduce your paperwork – track transactions electronically
  4. You pay only if you use the serviceOnly 2.8% per transaction, no subscription
  5. No set-up costs, no equipment rental fee
  6. We give you a card reader for free
  7. Fully secure environment
  8. Our service is developed according to international security standards (PCI DSS)
  9. Information is transferred through secured data channels (SSL)
  10. No information is stored on a phone or a card reader