Nokia Social App 1.6.32 – Signed – Nokia N8 – Belle Refresh – FP1 – FP2 – Free App Download

See live updates from your favorite social networks pushed to your home screen. With social-enabled Contacts, now you can see what your friends are up to right from the Contacts card. Import Facebook events directly into your phone’s calendar. Update your status with location and points-of-interest. Seamlessly send photos and videos from your phone camera — shoot, add a caption, and share. Upload high rez photos too! Want to share your favorite tweet? Now you can retweet!

Key features:
– social networking Twitter, Facebook;
– receiving and sending personal messages
– the ability to upload photos;
– placed with the possibility of a widget application on the desktop;
– adding and deleting user accounts,
– integration with the contacts on the phone with the ability to display the status of contacts (online / offline) – the ability to do “retweets” using Twitter;
– View a list of “next to you” in Twitter;
– convert Internet addresses pages in a short link;
– display notifications on your desktop;
– some desktop widgets for Twitter and Facebook;
– shows the number of updates for each type of Facebook;
– the possibility of “turning” of photos in Facebook;
– the ability to associate with the profiles of Facebook friends in contacts.